Thursday, October 22, 2009

About the editor of "She's So Fly" - a fishing blog for women

By Sherri Russell

Thank you for visiting She’s So Fly, a fishing blog for women.  My name is Sherri Russell and I am the editor.

As a young girl I grew up fishing with my relatives using only worms and bobbers.  As my love for fishing increased and my skills broadened, I became interested in other methods of fishing, especially fly fishing.  

I always thought that fly fishing looked so inviting when I watched it on TV; standing in a river casting a graceful loop in a serene state and landing a perfect drift on the moving waters of a river or stream.  But, with life’s hectic schedules, I slowly put my desire to learn fly fishing on the back burner.

While living my life, I always seemed to be so busy with family, work, work and more work, that I never took time out for myself and I slowly became miserable and depressed. I had a business flipping houses and it consumed most of my time.  I am also an internet marketing writer, and was always writing articles about the fishing, hiking, camping experiences of others, but never my own.  

The housing market crashed soon after, and I became a victim of our depressed economy and lost most of my properties because I owed more than they were worth at the time.  I almost suffered a breakdown as a result - life is not always fair it seems.  I said to myself, “Sherri, you have got to snap out of this!  You need to get out there and do something that will make you happy before you go crazy.” 

One day I was cleaning my son’s room and was staring at his stuffed blue gills on his wall and it came to me…fly fishing, I always wanted to learn how to fly fish. I needed instruction but didn’t know where to start or what to buy first.  I had a hard time finding help to get started and I didn't have good luck finding women-friendly fly shops. I was intimidated by joining a club because I thought it would only be hard core women or men that wanted nothing to do with women!  I decided to find local fly fishing guides who were "women friendly" to help me along.

The first time I felt the motion of that big salmon attack my fly, I think my heart stopped for a moment. The excitement was so overwhelming!  I soon became driven about the idea and possibility.  I soon wanted to master this sport and nobody was going to stop me.  I go fishing every chance I get and love it!

The journey continues for me – I am in no way a Pro, but I have had the opportunity to hang out with a few of them and they are happy to share their sage wisdom and help me get my fly fishing on!  I have become friends with some pretty awesome fishing guides too.  I soon learned that no fishing question is dumb, a fly fisher who truly loves the sport will be happy to answer any and all questions I may have as they encourage interest in this sport to all.  I have learned that fishing can open many doors of opportunity - I have met so many wonderful people along the way related to this sport.

You only live once, so live your life without regret.  Don’t be afraid to try a new “out of the ordinary” experience…you may just like it. 

This site not only offers you the support and insight you need to get on the water and start fly fishing, it also has great articles on protecting our natural resources for future generations, funny stories, interesting pictures, humanity lessons and helpful tips to get you back on track if you are suffering from low self esteem or confidence as I once was in the past...and much more.

My newly found passion for fishing has changed my life around (not to forget a great support system of friends) and it is my hope that fishing will help others as well.  There is something about being out in nature that is spiritual and healing for the soul for many.

Please contact this fly fishing maniac, Sherri Russell, for more Michigan Fly Fishing information - share your fly fishing experience, tell me where you found a great deal on fly fishing gear, tell me your fish story, or contact me for affiliate link or advertising opportunities.


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