Thursday, October 29, 2009

Girls Deep Camp - Funny T-Shirt Design

I was recently asked to design a custom T-shirt for a great group of girls for their up and coming annual "Deer Camp" weekend.  I admire these girls because each year they plan a few "girls-weekend-getaways"  and never stray from spending a few weekends a year of precious time with each other, building memories, having fun, getting away from everyday stresses of life etc.   They also participate in a "Chix in the Styx" Ice fishing getaway weekend too....bathing suits over snow is a sight to see folks!

I thought I would share their "personalized" deer camp shirt design with you.


Anonymous said...

From a guys point of view, I like the t-shirt design. Would be very interested to see some of the gals wearing them! You will have to tell us more about the bathing suit over the ......... Wait a minute that just isn't right!

Sherri Russell said...

Hey Mel... The deer camp girls are visiting my home town and are bringing me a shirt to wear as there will be some photos after November 15th! The bathing suit over the snow suits is hillarious!!!! we had a sled race and a contestant did it ...I will have to did up the photos and post them for a laugh this winter :-)

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