Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gone Fishing! Fly Fishing the PM

Today I am fly fishing the Pere Marquette River in Baldwin Michigan and thought I would share this article on big lake Great Lakes) fishing.

Think you have what it takes to do battle with a ferocious king salmon, that is, a Chinook, the biggest battlin fish in Lake Michigan? How about a giant brown trout? Or a steelhead, one of those silver torpedo or silver bullets with fins?

Consider a Great Lakes Charter fishing trip. You can find licensed, charter boats at most major ports. Some of the more popular ports on Lake Michigan’s west coast are South Haven, Grand Haven, Muskegon’ Ludington and Grand Traverse Bay.

When you hire a professional charter boat and captain, you latterly have noting to worry about and do not even have to have experience or tackle; however a State of Michigan all species license is requires.

After a short journey, depending on the time of year, because in the spring and fall, the salmon and steelhead can be found close to shore. In the late summer months, you must run out into cooler, deeper water.

You will hear terms such as downrigger, planner boards, Dipsy Diver, cannon balls, Northport Nailer, J-Plug, Dream Weaver, Clown, Kevorkian, Bumble Bee, Hit man, Jaw breaker and even Monkey Puke.

You shouldn’t be concerned with these funny and dangerous sounding names as they are simply fishing terms, for fishing equipment and color combination for many popular salmon fishing lures.

Another popular term you may hear is Spin Doctor, and this is not the famous rock band. Spin Doctors have proven to be the most productive rotator or flash attractant on the market today, use in combination with an action fly.
An Action fly, Strong Fly, spoon or cut bait combination behind this rotator is the rig of choice for anglers throughout the Great Lakes and ocean. It has proven itself so effective; Kings and Coho’s swim in fear of being lured into its hypnotic action.

But before you walk down to the local Municipal Marina to meet up with your charter boat, pack your suntan lotion, a sweatshirt, sun glasses, hat or visor and a windbreaker; it can get chilly out on the big water, even at summer’s height. (Tip: save money with a one-day fishing license.)

You will need some fightin’ fuel—food and drinks—if you plan to spend a couple of hours playing tug-of-war with 20- to 30-pound fishes.

Mid-June to July on Lake Michigan is a fine time for lake trout and Chinook salmon, found from 10 to 25 miles offshore. End of July the fish are right offshore. August through September, it’s all about the mighty Chinook.


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