Friday, October 9, 2009

The Hottest Saltwater Reel on the Market!

With the same drag system, stopping power, and components of the Vanquish reel, the Vanquish "LT" simply denotes a lighter, open-spoke spool. As the name implies, the Vanquish reel was created with just one thing in mind - total victory. It all starts with the world's smoothest, and now much larger and more powerful drag system. The Vanquish LT reel will produce 20 lbs. torque (stopping power) within the noraml adjustment range of the drag, and achieve this stopping power with absolutely smooth and consistent progressions from lightest setting to heaviest setting. Delivering twice the torque of WaterWorks Lamson's previous salt water designs, the conical drag system generates no stick-slip even at the line-snapping rates required by bluewater anglers. This super charged drag system contains two clutches for a backup mechanism and is surrounded by a beautiful and bulletproof structure machined from solid barstock aluminum.
Other Innovative Features Include:

•An intergrated foot/frame which, while stronger than a traditional fastened-on foot, also raises the center of mass of the reel, improving casting ease and accuracy.

•Lamson's proprietary "Hard Alox" finish

•Large, ergonomic, self lubricating no-slip handle

•Tandem roller clutch transmits higher torque and provides redundancy

•Full-sealed, zero maintenance drag components
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