Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Choose a Fly Fishing Rod

By Brent Vanderstelt

When you choose a fly fishing rod, you will have to use an industry standard system that specifies weight. Fly fishing rods are not weighed in grams. Instead, a 1 to 14 number system is used. It’s quite easy to determine the optimum weight of your rod by basing it on the size and species of fish that you plan to catch.

A basic guide that will assist you in choosing the proper fly rod is: Lower weight, small fish; higher weight, larger fish. Secondary factors include personal preference and weather conditions. Light fly rods do not cast well if the wind is strong.

Species and Weight Guide

• Weight 1to 3 – pan fish, small trout and other small fish species.

• Weight 4 – small fish species of all kinds.

• Weight 5 to 6 – small bass and medium-sized trout.

• Weight 7 to 8 – large bass, large trout, steelhead and salmon.

• Weight 9 to 14 – muskie, tarpon, large salmon and large saltwater fish species.

Always choose a line and reel that have the identical rod weight that you have chosen.

Beginners should use a 3 to 5 weight rod when fishing streams. If you are fishing for bass, a 5 to 6 weight rod is best. Saltwater species and freshwater salmon require a rod that is 7 to 8 weight.


Common lengths for fly fishing rods are 7, 8 and 9 feet. Use short rods for short casts in areas that are surrounded by brush, trees or shrubs. If fishing in an open area where longer casts are possible, choose a longer fly fishing rod. If you plan to fish in lakes or rivers, choose a rod of 4 to 6 weight that is 8 to 9 feet long and use a medium action rod for the best results.

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