Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fly Fishing Tips Women

Although women have fly fished for nearly as long as men have, fly fishing has recently become a very popular activity and sport for women. As more women discover the peace and tranquility to be had with fly fishing, and how truly relaxing a day of fly fishing can be, this exciting sport can’t help but grow in popularity.

Sage, makers of some of the finest fly rods in the fly fishing industry (such as the Sage Smallmouth Fly Fishing Rod), now make a fly fishing rod tailor made for women, the Sage Z-Axis Small Grip Fly Rod. This rod suits women anglers because it has a smaller grip, and is designed to be light.

Simms has now launched waders that are specifically shaped to fit women, the Simms Women’s Headwater Waders. These stocking foot waders are excellent quality, and are made from 3-layer Gore-Tex material. Simms also make wading boots specifically designed for women, the Simms Women’s Headwaters Boot, which are narrower than equivalent men’s wading boot, are lightweight, and are ideally suited for women.


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