Monday, October 19, 2009

Landing a Salmon on the river - Don't let that huge fish get away

(Sherri Russell, editor of "She's So Fly")

Here are some tips about how to tire a fish prior to attempting to land it by "shes so fly" Sherri Russell.

Try to keep your catch swimming laterally, to limit its ability to push water through the gills. Moving the rod tip in low arcs across your body and back up to the 10 o’clock position is the ticket here – (low arcs) pull the fish toward the shore and then move your rod tip (always pointing up) toward the fish and reel and then arc towards shore again slowly pull the fish and repeat.   It is very important to never let the fishing line get any slack. 

Hold on to your pole tightly and slowly reel, your catch should have to work for each foot of line it pulls free. Don’t be afraid to let it run. Every fish will make a run – sometimes several – just keep the line tight, this isn’t the time to battle. Once the burst of energy is spent, and line is no longer leaving your reel, drop the rod tip and swing it to the side. Steer it from side to side until the next run, and repeat.  Be patient, landing a huge fish can take a while!

On thing to note: all fish seem to get a second wind upon seeing the bank, boat or shore. Expect that the last 10 feet will bring one last mad dash for freedom. If your catch is tired, you will be able to lay it on its side in the water – now gently net it - hopefully you have a fishing buddy with you that will help you net it.

(Have some patience and you can land your big catch too!)


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