Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Largest Fish Ever Caught

  Largest Fish Ever Caught

When fishermen come back from their fishing trips there are stories of “big” fish. But none of these fish stories match the size of the catfish caught on May 1, 2008, in the Mekong River in northern Thailand. The fish caught there weighed in at 646 pounds and measured nearly 9 feet long. Bringing in the huge catfish, the same weight as a grizzly bear, was not an easy job. The struggle to bring the fish in lasted over an hour. The goal was to release the fish after stripping it of its eggs, but this was not possible. Great efforts were made to keep the fish alive, but it died. It is thought that this was the largest freshwater fish ever caught.

Thai villagers tried to keep the giant catfish alive, but despite great efforts, it died, and the fish was later eaten by the villagers. In Thailand, the catfish is sacred. The basis for this belief stems from how catfish feed on plant matter and seem to meditate in the stony parts of the Mekong River, actions similar to the life of a Buddhist monk.

The demand for catfish is high because people in Thailand feel if they eat it, they will have good luck. The cost of catfish in neighboring Cambodia is not quite as high, as the fish is not so highly prized there. Cambodians generally feel it has a muddy taste, and don't believe eating catfish will bring them good luck.

Due to the nature of this rare catch, the World Wildlife Fund is teaming up with the National Geographic Society to study the planet earth's largest freshwater fish.


Anonymous said...

not the biggest fish ever caught. not even the biggest freshwater fish.

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