Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Logo for She's So Fly - Asking Readers to Vote

I am in a dilemma folks...I am in the process of generating a permanent logo for She's So Fly and I cannot decide between these two fonts below.  Maybe you can help me out by voting for option 1 or 2 in the comment section below. 

I will be having this logo put on hats, shirts and jackets in the near future. 

Thank you for your support in advance!

(Option 1)

(Option 2)


Ben G. said...

Sherri, I also agree that they are both good. I feel you loose the She's So Fly in option 1 and it stands out more in option 2. I would go with option 2 because I think you would want the name of the blog to stand out over an image. Just my two cents.

Murphyfish said...

Hi Sherri, Given the choice I'd agree with Ben on option 2. The script stands out better with this one (well to my eye sight anyway) allowing the blog name to be more pronounced. It's only my opinion, hope that it helps.

Sherri Russell said...

awesome comments guys and thank you for voting! Common readers....I need more votes :-)

Rebecca said...

Tough call ~
I'm going to agree with everyone on number 2.
Great looking logo

Rob said...

I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up as a follower. I like your blog.

I vote for Option #2.

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