Monday, October 12, 2009

Marsh Ridge River Guide Service - Fly Fishing Guide recommended by "She's So Fly"

My featured Fly fishing guide of this month is Mike Marsh of Marsh Ridge River Guide Service.

 (Mike Marsh owner of  Marsh Ridge River Guide Service)

By Sherri Russell

Fellow anglers, if you love to be outdoors on the river and embrace all what nature has to offer and fish, then Mike Marsh is your man! 

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned fly fishing angler, Mike will take great care of you and do everything in his power to bring you to fish and help you catch them.  I can’t say enough about Mike, he is a great guide and host; in fact, he is the person who first taught me to fly fish (poor sole) on the Pere Marquette river. 

During my first fly fishing guided trip with Mike, I not only got a great fishing experience, he also gave me a guided tour down the river because of my enthusiasm to be out on the river.  I was so excited and was asking him many questions along the way.  He politely took the time to explain to me the surroundings as we traveled down stream.  He pointed out many sites, such as a beaver dam, salmon beds, great white pines, fallen trees and how important they are to fish life, varieties of plant and aquatic life, different signs in the river to spot fish etc.  I learned so many things, my brain was like a sponge absorbing any and all information he offered and my sponge was certainly full at the end of the day. 

As a bonus, his small 7 pound dog, Gracie fished with us.  She was sporting her very own fly fishing vest and knew the ropes on the boat.  Gracie could spot fish like a pro – in fact I learned that she is a seasoned fishing dog of nine years and was great attribute to the entire experience.  There was always a comment from fellow anglers passing by us once they noticed Gracie…”look at that dog in the fly vest, how cute” she stood at the side of the boat searching for fish and holding her head up high smelling the fresh air.  She was an unexpected treat for the day.

 (photo courtesy of MRRGS - Gracie searching for fish)

During my trip, I had many fish on my muscles hurt for days after as a result of trying to reel the many mammoth salmon in.  I worked up an appetite after catching all those fish, so Mike proceeded to cook us a delicious lunch that consisted of steak, potato salad, vegetables and rolls.  It sure hit the spot.  My entire experience was so awesome and one that I will never forget.  I could not stop smiling from my excitement.

(me smiling from my awesome fly fishing experience)

Mike is also a licensed Michigan, U.S. Forest Service Permitted River Guide and has a lifetime of fishing knowledge and experience to pass on to anyone fishing with him. He takes pride in the dry flies and streamers that he ties. He has learned a lot from his fellow guides and paid close attention to their detail. This has made him a better fly fisherman, enabling his clients to learn from him. In addition, he is now setting lines on Lake Michigan, for Captain Roger Haynor, and he is an a investor in Evolution Sport Fishing Charters, a Lake Michigan, fishing charter service. He loves what he does, fly fishing Michigan's trout streams and fishing on Lake Michigan, on the Evolution charter boat. Fishing is simply what he is. He always lets his fishing do the talking.

 (photo courtesy of  Marsh Ridge River Guide Service)

The Michigan Steelhead season is just around the corner and now is the time to place a reservation for an exciting trip you will never forget.  Michigan steelhead are undoubtedly the hardest, fighting most acrobatic, and most exciting fish to catch in the Great Lakes and possibly North America. The prime months are October and November and March April and May.

The Michigan Steelhead is the most sought after game fish to migrate the Muskegon River in Michigan as well as the other tributarys feeding into Lake Michigan.

To learn more information about Mike and his guide service visit .


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