Thursday, October 1, 2009

One of the great things about Michigan is the variety of different choices that we have to pursue our favorite game fish.

                                                           THE MUSKEGON RIVER

The Muskegon River is probably the best known of our state’s southwest walleye rivers — and for good reason, because it has plenty of them! The entire river system is host to good numbers of walleyes, but the stretch from the Croton Dam downstream to Muskegon Lake may be considered as one of the river’s best.

From the late-April opener through the month of May, look for walleyes to hold in one of the many deep holes or runs created by the various bends in the river. The upper stretch from Maple Island upstream to Croton flows more like the trout stream that it is. This fast, fairly shallow water is better worked with anchoring and casting tactics than the traditional drifting walleye techniques.

Productive methods in this section of the river include casting crankbaits and working bait through the holes. The most productive lures are the shad imitators such as the Rapala Shad Rap. These should be quarter-casted upstream above the hole and then worked slowly down through the hole.

Three-way rigs, not unlike the rigs commonly used for drifting spawn for steelhead, are the best bets for working bait through these holes. Adjust the weight on the dropper until the bait bounces along the bottom with the current. Look for crawlers to work best here. These should be threaded onto a No. 2 Aberdeen hook.

The lower river from Maple Island downstream to Muskegon Lake is littered with downed trees and numerous logjams. There are, however, areas where anglers can target walleyes by vertical jigging and other traditional walleye techniques. Some of the better areas include a spot located off the end of Holton Lake Road, the stretch downstream from the access at the end of Mill iron Road in Muskegon Township and the North Branch of the Muskegon River from U.S. 31 downstream to Muskegon Lake.

Here are some more of our best walleye rivers with a gold rush this spring








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