Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Outdooress - A Featured Blog of She's So Fly

Fly Fishing Identity: FlyLady? Flychick? Flygirl?

~Flyfishing on the Boise River~
  By Rebecca

Men have it easy in this department and I imagine they have never looked at this name thing from a female perspective. They are Flyfisherman. A.K.A. Fisherman, the universal meaning for those that cast a line. Considering guys started the activity, I guess it’s only fair they get the easiest designation. But when you are female, the lines of personal name possesion become a bit fuzzy.

Hi~ My name is Rebecca and I am a Flyfisher–er–man? Sort of, but that’s a fairly manly designation and I wear a bra so next….(to read more...visit Rebecca's blog "The Outdooress").

Note from the editor: When Rebecca is not fly fishing, she can be found hunting, hiking and camping throughout Idaho’s beautiful landscapes or traveling beyond the borders to explore new opportunities.  


Rebecca said...

Thank you for this Sherri!
Really appreciated.

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