Saturday, October 31, 2009

Presidents, Ex-Presidents, Vice Presidents and Other Celebs Who Fly Fish

After stumbling across the article about President Obama fly fishing in Montana, I was curious as to what other leaders of our great nation also enjoyed the sport of fly fishing. Here are my Google search results!

George Bush Sr. Fly Fishing

Vice President Dick Chaney Fly Fishing

There was a controversy circulating today about a reflection in Vice President Dick Cheney’s Sunglasses. Some said it was a woman without clothes. We found a high resolution image, and discovered it’s his hand holding onto a fly fishing pole. Some people have big imaginations.

                                                       Dick Chaney Fly Fishing

                                         Ex-President Jimmy Carter Fly Fisherman

                                                        Michael Keaton fly fishing

                                                        John Grisham Fly Fisherman

Jimmy Buffet Saltwater Fly Fisherman

Eric Clapton Fly Fisherman

Other known fly fishermen and women include Henry Winkler, Jane Fonda, Harrison Ford, slugger Ted Williams, Huey Lewis, and more. What celebs do you know that fly fish?


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Kimmel is a fly fisherman

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