Friday, October 30, 2009

Unveiling of the Official She's So Fly Logo

Ok folks, I have decided to change the look of the "She's So Fly" logo completely due to printing and embroidery purposes!  My friend, Mike Stutler had a great idea for She's So Fly and created a VERY classy logo that I absolutely loved!!  

Mike Stutler, owns and operates 24/7 Designs, 830 Quillen Ct, Avon, IN 46123.  SUPPORT / SALES: 317.362.5500, EMAIL:, WEBSITE: .

I am very excited and proud to present the new logo designs to all my readers.

What do you think?  Please post your comments below.


Ben G. said...

It looks Gr8!!

Mel said...

Very impressive and so "She".

Murphyfish said...

the finish article looks very good, nicely done.

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