Monday, October 5, 2009

Why Women Fish

Some reasons why women fish

From the very first fish you caught, it has led you to crave the discovery of new sights and experiences on the open water, the excitement of the fight and the reward from the mental experience of it all.

Some have said that women are naturally better anglers than men, that they have a deeper relationship with nature. It could be the water, for solace, for understanding, for cleansing. You simply connect with the power of the lakes and the streams and the creatures that inhabit these bodies.

Whether it is bonding time with family and friends, away from the daily distractions that interrupt quality time at home or the recognition and camaraderie to be around other women who enjoy the same sport they do, women are storming the world of fishing. Not to forget, that it is also an excuse for a girls weekend out too.

Catching giant fish

It’s the unforgettable moments you have earned and the moments you have yet to experience.


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