Thursday, October 1, 2009

Winter Fly-Fishing

Winter Fly-Fishing in Michigan is arguably the finest time to be on the Muskegon River. Winter steelhead and brown trout are available and ready to eat a well-placed fly. Winter fly-fishing is different from spring and fall salmon and steelhead fishing, the crowds are gone, the scenery is breathtaking, and the pace is slow and relaxing. Because of the weather, winter steelheading is different than what most people are used to.

You will need to stay warm and dry while Winter Fly-Fishing. To keep your feet warm always wear boot foot waders. Avoid stocking foot waders and wading shoes because they restrict the blood flow to your feet making them cold. We recommend using the chemical heat packs between two socks to help keep your feet warm on very cold days. You will want to wear fingerless gloves and carry two or three pairs of gloves so that you can replace them if your hands get wet holding a fish for a photo. It is recommended to wear cold weather wading pants of the fleece variety, long johns, a turtleneck, fleece pullover and a wind proof jacket. This outfit will allow you to fish in temps well below freezing in comfort and safety.

Now that you are ready where do you look for fish and how do you catch them? Look for winter fish in slower water like deep pools. Because their metabolism is slow they avoid heavy currents and favor areas that offer security and comfort. Seams in slower water created by structure are prime lies and should always be checked. Fish these areas slowly and methodically with small natural offerings on light tippets. Due to the cold water the flies need to be put right on the fish’s nose to get them to eat.

Winter fishing is a great experience if you are properly prepared for the weather. Imagine being on the Muskegon River in the winter and not seeing another angler all day. Combine that with four or five winter steelhead hook-ups, a great room and meal in Newaygo Michigan. Heaven on earth if you ask us. If you want to see what Newaygo Michigan has to offer for winter fly-fishing, guide services, vacation home rental accommodations and/or discounted vacation packages, visit our website


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