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10 personality traits people are hated for

(get rid of your "big head" and be respectful to others - treat people as you would like to be treated - even though we may look different and act different - we all have feelings and some can hurt as a result of the actions from others - try to think first before acting)

I think of myself as a fairly pleasant person who is kind of laid back and likes most people. I have been teaching my son, which is an ongoing process, about potentially harmful traits. As children we all learn our personality from the feedback we get from those around us, if we lie and get a lot of attention for it we will continue to lie. If we are rude and get a reputation for it we will continue to be rude.

We all have different personality types and traits.  Some are more liked than others.

I have looked at some traits that I dislike in other people and hopefully am teaching my son to avoid. I think if people could rid themselves of the following traits the World might be a better place.

The ten most hated traits

Arrogance #1 (Meaning = unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than, or know more than, other people).

Arrogant people think that they are always right, they think that they know the best answers to all life problems and they think that they are better than most of the ordinary people.  We’ve all come across people like this.

Rudeness #2 – (Meaning = not polite; offensive or embarrassing).   

Being rude is a classic display of a lack of class.  When I think of people who are rude I tend to think of shop sales assistants.  It’s especially annoying when someone is serving you and they are talking to their friend about what happened last night.  Try not to let the impudence, thoughtlessness or sheer bad manners of a rude person weigh you down.

Domineering #3 – (Meaning = inclined to rule arbitrarily or despotically; overbearing; tyrannical: domineering parents).

People who try to control others are not a good trait at all.  Again this can often be seen in the office and at home. It is a form of abuse and can be hard to spot sometimes. Of course some people like to be dominated (stop that!!) but that is a choice, which is different altogether.

Dishonesty #4 – (Meaning = not honest).

The trait that I abhor the most in people!  Everybody lies whether it be a white lie or a big ‘honestly I didn’t kill him’ lie. However when someone lies constantly it is very irritating and annoying especially after you have pointed out that you know they are lying and they continue with it. I am teaching my son that honesty is always always, always the best way even if it feels difficult. If you are honest all the time it will lead to people trusting you more and valuing your opinion more.

Temperamental #5 – (Meaning = describes someone whose mood tends to change very suddenly).

Sorry ladies, but I have found the most temperamental people tend to be female, especially if you’ve ever worked in an office. I don’t know if it’s the office air or sick building syndrome but people change as soon as they enter their office of work. I have seen me standing chatting to someone outside and then when I see them again in the office their eyes have turned blood red, little horns have sprouted from their heads and they talk like they’ve just smoked 100 cigarettes “ what the F%*& are you talking to me for”, at that point I’m out of there.

Conceited #6 – (Meaning = Holding a high opinion of yourself).

Much like arrogance, and just as annoying. It great to have a good opinion of yourself but when it is displayed to others in a manner as to make others feel small it can be very unpleasant.

Unreliable #7 – (Meaning = cannot be relied or depended upon).

Another trait that can extremely annoying. Again we’ve all come across people like this at work, at school, at university, in fact every area of life. We also know, very quickly, not to rely on that person for anything. When reliability is not there we tend to think they have other traits related to this such as lazy, disorganized, selfish etc.

Dependent #8 – (Meaning = relying on someone or something else for aid, support, etc).

I am talking here about people who are overly dependent especially in relationships. There is no bigger turn off for a person than the man or woman who seems to depend on your relationship to survive.

Pessimism #9 – (Meaning = the tendency to see, anticipate, or emphasize only bad or undesirable outcomes, results, conditions, problems, etc).

How to lose friends quickly = be pessimistic all the time. It’s quite funny when you get the grumpy guy in the office who moans about everything but deep down you know he likes the world. However when you get the person who moans about their job, their house, their life, their children, the world and are serious about it– how quickly do you run away from them? It can be very draining being around people like this they literally sap your energy.

Condescending #10 (Meaning = showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority). 

This is another trait which riles me. Of course this is open to interpretation in many cases. On a few occasions I have asked people if they are meaning to sound condescending and often they are embarrassed and explain that it was not their intention, so it can be a tricky one.   

Conclusion Do you recognize yourself in the list above? If you do it is easy to rid yourself of these traits. The main trick is to recognize it when it happens. As soon as you recognize you can change you. For the next few days be aware of how you interact with people around you, listen to your language, be aware of what you do when you are listening, and be aware of what you do when you are talking.

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John said...

Fun blog to read!

I have to say, I served in the 108th TNG Brigade for 4yrs. I was assigned as a Drill Instructor at Ft. Jackson and later with my state boot camp for young offenders. I was actually paid well to exhibit 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10 and 11 but NEVER 5, 8 or 9.

Great blog and fun stuff, keep up the great work!!

Sherri Russell said...

Thanks for your comments John and thanks for serving our country. We all need to encourage others to do the "right thing" and treat others better...after all, kids in general and young adults in the work place "do what we do" and "not what we say"...actions speak louder than words.

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