Friday, November 20, 2009

Tips On How To Care For Your Fly Fishing Gear After Fishing - from She's So Fly

What do you do with your wet fishing gear after a day of wading?  I always hang my waders on a hanger and place them in the garage or in my shower to dry completely and the same goes for my wading boots.  It is very important that your gear is completely dry before packing them away for the next trip to avoid mold and mildew growth.

I found the easiest method of storage to be using a large plastic storage tub.  You can purchase one for $5 to $10 dollars from Target, Walmart or any other large store in your home town.  Plastic tubs keep my gear organized and limits any rodent and insect invasions too.   Often, I get calls from fishing guides and friends the day before asking me if I can fish and I have a limited time to prepare.  By using a storage tub, I can be ready at any time to go and fish.  I simply just grab my tub full of gear and go!  I have items in my tub such as; 2 pairs of waders (in case one pair gets a leak), wading boots, rain suit, hats, gloves, toe and finger warmers, extra socks and vests.

I also have a fishing water proof back pack that I keep smaller supplies in such as; finger tape, camera, flies, string, disposable rain poncho, sunglasses, chap stick, flash light, dog treats for Grace (lol), water bottle, etc.

These are just a few simple suggestions to keep your fly fishing gear organized and readily available for your next fly fishing trip.  Please tell me what your storage suggestions are below in the comment section.

 (Muskegon River Peer, Newaygo Michigan)

I have a fishing trip planned for this coming Saturday with Grace on the Muskegon River for Winter Steelhead....wish me luck!

(GRACE - the fly fishing dog)


Rick Kratzke said...

Those sound like some very good tips. I hope you have good luck and a good time fishing for winter steelhead.

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