Monday, November 16, 2009

Fishing Michigan Steelhead

Why Fishing Michigan Steelhead Is So Much Fun

Some people wonder what drives people to fishing Michigan steelhead with so much dedication and verve. The fact is that when it comes to fishing, steelhead provide some valid reasons to get excited about. Here are a few of the reasons why Michigan steelhead fishing inspires such a loyal following with anglers.

The first reason that fishing steelhead in Michigan is so popular is the simple fact that steelhead will bite just about the entire year. You can go out on a day when the water is freezing and still come back with a nice catch. Steelheads are an aggressive fish and they will waste no time going after anything that attracts their attention. For the fisherman who likes to be able to enjoy the sport any time of the year, it is only natural that steelhead fishing in Michigan would be a good choice.

Next, steelheads are a good sized fish. In fact, they are among the largest of the trout family that you will find. This makes steelhead fishing along Michigan rivers and lakes very productive. Even a short trip of a couple of hours will likely yield plenty of catch to have a nice dinner later on. So even if your time is very limited, you can work in a steelhead fishing trip and have something to show for your efforts.

A third perk is that you do not have to go far from the city in order to enjoy steelhead fishing. In fact, if you are in an area such as Grand Rapids, you don't even have to leave the city. With so many waterways running through Michigan, as well as the Great Lakes, you are always ensured of having excellent steelhead fishing nearby.

As is the case with any type of fishing trip, you want to have fun and still catch something whenever you go out looking for steelhead. Because of the aggressive nature of the fish, and the ability to successfully catch them practically all year round, coupled with the fact there are so many places to catch steelhead, Michigan becomes an ideal place for steelhead fishing.

If you are fortunate to live in Newaygo located in Western Michigan, like I do, you can fish for winter steelhead right now on the Muskegon River. The Muskegon River is known for great Winter Steelhead fishing.

Newaygo County has 2 huge historical water dams remain, Croton and Hardy. Hardy is the largest earthen dam east of the Mississippi. The Muskegon River continues to be the main attraction for summer cottage residents and fisherman, who find it nearly the best source for steel head in the spring and salmon in the fall, anywhere in Michigan. Camping at one of many rustic or modern Newaygo campgrounds is also a great adventure. Tubing and canoeing on the river are summertime favorites. Hunting, snowmobiling and cross country skiing are wintertime favorites, with over half the county (100,000 acres) contained in the Manistee National Forest.  For more information on Newaygo Michigan and surrounding areas visit .

Why not plan your next steelhead fishing trip to be a fishing Michigan steelhead trip?

note from the editor:  I do not promote killing steelhead - but catch and release.  I try to have a broad range of articles for my many readers.  I respect the fact to agree to disagree when it comes to eating them.


Anonymous said...

First of all I want to say I did like the site. Why do you want to kill the Steelhead? I looks like you are hooked up with the wrong people if you want to go home with the meat of these fish. I question if you are really a bait chucker fly fishing wannabe. Killing Steelhead doesn't fly with most of us long rodders. F.Y.I.

Sherri Russell said...

I agree that killing fish does not agree with most long rodders. That is your opinion and mine actually. But in fact it is not the opinion of others. I have a broad range of readers, and I try to inform my readers how to release fish properly and to care for our environment. It is a fact that people eat fish and they will forever. You and I cannot control this fact, we can just educate others to preserve our wildlife as much as possible. There are many guides that allow their clients to keep one fish.

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