Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Try new things and open up your life – you might amaze yourself

Have you ever heard the cliché, "The fish are always bigger on the other side of the river”?  So how do you feel about the fish being bigger on the other side of the river?

It's important in life to reach out, to strive for greater achievements, to go for that bigger fish that is on the other side of the river…and try new things and open up your life.  

The possibilities seemed endless to us as small children because the concept of limitations was not instilled upon us. As adults and after limitations were learnt, we sometimes label ourselves (perhaps as a result of other people labeling us) as “smart” or “not so smart” or “under-confident” or a “people-pleaser” etc then we tend to unconsciously behave in ways that confirm the label we carry inside. When were these labels stuck on?

Maybe you think you are “good enough” or “what will people think” or “I can’t do it”. Yet your brain has almost infinite learning capacity. People carry all kinds of untested and unfulfilled potentials to their graves.  Trying new things will get you thinking again and in powerful ways. If you spend a few seconds now thinking about what you are “good at” and also stuff you have been conditioned to believe you are just no good at then that will give you an idea of how many limiting labels you've acquired.

Start a sport, learn to hunt, learn to hunt, learn to write, - do things that are “just not you.” Amaze yourself and the people around you and open up so many more possibilities for yourself.

Try new things and get motivated to leap out of your safety zone (which is another word for prison!) and trying new things confidently to infinitely extend the sense of who you are. 

So get out there and learn how to catch that big fish on the other side of the river.  If at first you don't succed, try, try again.  Don't give up too easily; persistence pays off in the end. 

You will feel more confident once you do it and let go of some of those limitations that are keeping you from some great experiences and memories.

(My dear friend Crystal with her "fantasy" BIG fish from across the river)

Note from the editor:
This was Crystal's first time ever fly fishing and she was surprized
how much fun she had and wants to go fly fishing again soon. 
River Guide Mike Marsh, from Marsh Ridge River Guide Service,
was her instructor for the day.


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