Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why Do People Kiss Fish Before Putting Them Back In The Water After Catching Them?

(Momma told me there would be days like this...)

It is an old tradition to do with luck. It symbolizes a 'kiss goodbye' as well as offering a mark of respect to the fish and a thank you for the sport. As fish do not understand speech fisherman believe they communicate in kisses. However, not all fishermen kiss their fish, some believe it is unhygienic to do so. There are many old superstitions and wives tales surrounding fishermen and life at sea so kissing fish is really not very unusual. Other fishermen put maggots on their tongue to warm them up and awaken them. The lively wakened maggot is far more attractive to the fish than the still, sleepy one. Others believe that the fisherman kisses the fish to apologize for catching it with a hook in the first place and some say it is to speed up the healing process of the wound left by the hook. Many people consider the fish to be as lucky as the fisherman, as in reality it could have been eaten not kissed!

(photo courtesy of Marsh Ridge River Guide Service)

1 comments: said...

it's for good luck! My dad, rest his sole taught us kids that at an early age, any my nephews all kiss the fish before releasing!!!

Fish on Big Joe we all miss you!

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