Friday, December 25, 2009

Introduce Your Child To The Sport Of Fishing

By Kyle Russell

Hello, my name is Kyle, I'm fourteen years old and live in Newaygo, Michigan. I've been fly fishing for about 6 months now, and this trip was really a memorable one.

My Mom set us up with a guide from Marsh Ridge River Guide Service in Michigan. He was a nice guy named Mike who took us to the Pere Marquette River.

As we pulled the boat in, I thought to myself, hey this might actually be sort of fun! We started drifting down the river and about ten minutes down the river, we stopped, I was looking in the water while we were anchored and I saw about nine or ten salmon. It was quite interesting because one of them was moving the rocks around at the bottom with its tail to lay her eggs.

Mike casted the pole out and hooked a fish. I was scared a little bit, because it was so fast. It took me about four minutes to real it in, but it felt like ten! When I got that fish up to the boat, it was pretty cool to say I caught that fish. I was the only one to catch a fish that day, which was surprising because there had been three of us! It happened to be my birthday that day, maybe that was why I was the only one with the luck.

Fly fishing is fun once you get the hang of it, so get a fly fishing pole and some flies and get to a river!

Note from the editor:  My son, Kyle, wrote me this article for Christmas...thanks Kyle!



Rick Kratzke said...

Now that is one happy fisherman, congratulations.

LarryB said...

Go Kyle! :-)Your mom and her friends here on the internet, are proud of you!

Mom, sure looks like you've got a budding outdoor writer there and what a wonderful Christmas present for you, and us to boot! :-) I'm gonna have to Tweet this, I hope you know. ;-) lb

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Rebecca said...

Very nice fish!
My daughter is 14 and she's loving fly fishing as well. It's wonderful to see you kids out on the water. Keep fishing and keep writing and you'll enjoy it for a lifetime.

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