Saturday, December 19, 2009

Young Angler - Holiday Gift Idea from She's So Fly

Custom T-Shirt Creations

For some of us, shopping for holiday gifts can be overwhelming...especially if some of our friends or relatives children do not live near us and we are not familiar with what type of toys they may be interested in at each age and gender. 

This just happened to me this year - I became overwhelmed shopping for young relatives, going from store to store, aisle to aisle and nothing caught my eye within my budget.   I didn't want to buy just anything that they were just going to set aside and have no interest in and say "thank you Aunt Sherri, I like my gift" and not mean it...

I don't like asking their parents for ideas either, because then the kids sort of know what they will be getting and then the surprise element is gone...and I like my gifts to be unique and surprising to say the least!

Then it hit me, like a huge salmon striking my fly while fishing!  Why not make them personalized T-shirts?  Kids love to wear T-shirts.  So I purchase a few Hanes white cotton T-shirts and some T-shirt transfers and headed home to design my personalized graphics for the kids.  I called their parents and had them email me a few digital photos of the kids to use in my designs.

My nephew David, simply LOVES to fish.  So I designed him a custom T-shirt logo that looked like he was featured on the cover of a magazine.

My niece Sarah, loves acting, so I designed this magazine cover for her:

My nephew Danny, loves camp fires, fishing and Hannah Montana, so I designed this T-shirt logo for him:

It is very simple to create and make a custom designed T-shirt.  You don't need a photo editing program to create them.  You can use a simple digital photo, scan in a photo, create your own design with free software that is included in most T-shirt transfer packages.  Once you have the design completed, you print (ink jet printer) it (mirrored) on the transfer paper and iron it onto the shirt per the directions.

This is a inexpensive gift idea - the tranfers run about $1.50 per sheet and a basic white T-shirt costs around $3.00 each (if you purchase a package of them) - so you will have around $5.00 and your time into each shirt.  The kids will LOVE them!


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