Thursday, February 4, 2010

She's So Fly Joins The Michigan Angler's Association

Winter can be a lonely time for open-water anglers like myself. But, right now, local fishing clubs are putting together their rosters for the coming season. Anglers who enjoy fishing for any species of fish should consider joining a local club. There are many reasons to get involved in a local club.

Kids. Many local clubs have youth programs associated with them. These groups are dedicated to getting the next generation involved in fishing. Kids not only learn how to fish, but about everything that goes with responsible fishing. They learn about boating safety and rules as well as conservation and how what anglers do today will affect the fisheries of tomorrow. They also learn about sportsmanship and camaraderie. They learn principles that will help them be more responsible, conscientious adults.

Conservation. Local clubs are involved in various conservation projects.

Improving skills. Anglers involved in local clubs will learn new techniques and skills to help them be more productive on the water. In local clubs, boaters and non-boaters alike learn from each other and a sense of camaraderie is formed with a healthy dose of competition. Anglers learn to make better decisions on the water that allow them to catch more fish and be more productive.

Recognition. Anglers can win trophies, plaques, and money, even at the local level. Opportunities abound for anglers of all skill levels in local clubs.

I just joined the Michigan’s Angler Association to do more networking with fellow anglers. It is to my understanding that there are around a few thousand members.

I met some pretty great people while attending my first meeting. I got the opportunity to meet Allen Pomranka. Al is an avid outdoorsmen, a member of the GR Wheelchair Association, and a newly elected MAA Director. You will be reading more about Al in the near future. I will be working on a project with him to benefit the disabled.

Michigan Anglers Association - Mission Statement

The purpose of the MAA shall be the protection, promotion, and enhancement of sports fishing, particularly within the territorial waters of Michigan.

Section 1. The MAA shall pursue the preservation and improvement of the Michigan ecosystem.

Section 2. The MAA shall participate in the development and enforcement of conservation and safety laws relating to sports fishing.

Section 3. The MAA shall promote and assist in public education relating to sports fishing and environmental conservation.

Section 4. The MAA shall promote and assist in research of the natural and human factors affecting sports fishing.

Section 5. The MAA shall interact with public and private entities in Michigan, and with those states and provinces bordering the waters within its venue, for the exchange of information relating to sports fishing.

Section 6. The MAA shall assess, raise, and disburse funds to achieve its objectives.

For more information about the Michigan’s Angler Association, visit their website at

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