Sunday, February 7, 2010

She's So Fly Muskie Lures To Benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation

I just received a few prototype custom lures for my "Fishing For A Cause" campaign to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) from Mike Mordas, owner of the Muskie Train EnterpriseThe Muskie Train Enterprise is one of my sponsors and makers of custom lures chosen by She's So Fly. 

I was so excited to receive them that I could hardly wait to show everyone (so please excuse the rough photographs)!  Mike Mordas was very instramental in helping me with the custom muskie lure designs to ensure they will work to catch fish as well as retain the basic "She's So Fly" femine look I so desired.  Mike even help me come up with the name of my campaign "Fishing For A Cause".  Now, I just have to work on the packaging now and I will be ready for production, then sales with the proceeds to benefit the NBCF!

All Muskie Train Enterprise custom lures are hand crafted from cedar wood. The bodies are turned on the lathe, sealed and painted. Once the paint has cured an epoxy coating is applied to give the lure body a tough, durable finish. The screw eyes and diving lip are then installed. You will notice on my baits the oversized screw eyes. These eyes are 1 7/16" long to ensure a strong anchor into the bait. The larger eye allows for increased movement, which allows the lure to have a greater range of movement. Once the hooks and split rings have been attached to the lure, each one is hand tested. 

Muskie Train Enterprise custom lure is featured on this month's cover of Muskie Hunter Magazine.

Each custom She's So Fly custom Muskie lure will retail for $20 each and will be available for purchase soon. Feel free to contact me for more information.

"MF Shad"

A five inch, hard pounding bait. This bait will easily hit 7 feet deep when casting and 12' deep(65' of 50lb braid.) when trolling. Made of the same high quality materials as the other baits but this one has a built in rattle.

(Lure A)

(Lure B)

"MX6 Straight"

The MX 6 baits are designed to cover a lot of water. Both the straight and jointed model have a side to side walk as they are being pulled through the water. This allows the fisherman to cover more water in one pass. The action is also irresistible to the fish. The bait has been in the water for two years and it worth its weight in gold. It is now ready for you too try. The MX stands for Minnow Express and the 6 designates the length of the lure.

(Lure C)

(Lure C)

(Lure D)

(Lure D)

(Lure E)

(Lure E)

"Ice Scrappers"

We even created ice scrappers for those of you who may not fish but would like to support the She's So Fly "Fish For A Cure" campaign.  Ice Scrappers will sell for $15.

(Ice Scrapper F)

(Ice Scrapper F)

Stay tuned for more custom lures to be shown soon from additional sponsors for Walleye, Trout, Salmon, Steelhead etc...



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