Friday, March 26, 2010

FFAC Is Fishing For Pro Staff Team Members

Fishing For A Cause – is a program is geared towards ALL types of fishing. Here are the fishing categories available for membership:We will showcase simple “tips and tricks” geared towards beginner anglers to learn from and expand their knowledge of the proper techniques displayed by the pro-staff members…and also learn to trust our product recommendations and purchase items from FFAC to help specific charities. FFAC is a means to increase awareness of a charity and provide support through the sport of fishing.

Fly Fishing – Freshwater - for Bass, Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye, Small Pan Fish, large predator fish

Fly Fishing – Saltwater

Gear Fishing – Freshwater - for Bass, Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye, Small Pan Fish, large predator fish

Gear Fishing - Saltwater

FFAC Pro Team

The Fishing For A Cause (FFAC) Pro Team is a program that is designed specifically to promote and support the sport of fishing for both Fly and Gear Fishing.

Fishing For A Cause (FFAC) is world wide charity support service.

The mission of FFAC is to assist charities nationwide by providing them a means to accept donations.

Our primary charity of choice for 2010 is the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Our FFAC Pro Team is a select group of extremely talented anglers from around the world, who are highly knowledgeable about their local fishing environments.

The FFAC Pro Team’s goal is to support FFAC charity support services by promoting the sport of all types of recreational fishing and helping educate enthusiasts by:

• Submitting a few fishing tips and tricks each year to FFAC.

• Writing a minimum of three fishing articles to publish on the FFAC blog each year.

• Submitting photos of fish caught with FFAC product for example; a lure or fly (if there is applicable product available for your type of fishing).

• You will be portrayed on FFAC as a leader in the fishing industry and may have to give advice to a novis angler by email or phone occasionally.

FFAC wants to give anglers a place to locate top quality unique products that aren’t as well known as the heavily distributed fishing products.

Benefits of the program include:

• Preferential pricing for FFAC custom labeled products.

• Your Profile, Photo and contact details displayed on the team webpage along with your business featured if applicable.

• Your product posted in our Photo Gallery of a select item you may wish to showcase.

• FFAC Pro Team patch for your favorite fishing shirt.

• FFAC Embroidered Hat.

• Internet marketing support at the trade shows you may attend. (blog articles, press releases, article submissions, forum entries, facebook, twitter and other social network site announcements etc...)

• “First Look” and "Beta" testing opportunities for new FFAC products and materials.

• Interesting Team Projects to get involved in – such as personal input on future product designs and product feature enhancements - both during the prototype and final product launch phases related to your area of expertise.

• Regular Team Newsflashes.

Please contact Sherri Russell by email at if you are interested in joining the FFAC Pro Team.  We encourage you to get involved and help us to change lives for the better...



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