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How to Pick Yourself Up During Hard Times

Having the ability to pick yourself up during hard times is an essential skill for success. Everybody hurts, we all go through difficult periods, we all make mistakes and we are all often too hard on ourselves…and then WHAM!...we find ourselves surrounded by one or more of the top five barriers to success with no means of escape in sight…and I personally have known some of these too well.

The top five barriers (most prominent) to success are:

1. Alcohol, Drug, & Tobacco Abuse

2. Allowing Fear to Paralyze You

3. Failure to Set Goals

4. Holding on to Past Failures and Resentments

5. Failure to Keep Your Thoughts on What You Want

Good news!...There is hope for an escape! The key to success is to have a list of actions you can take to lift yourself up so that you can get back in the game! Here are seven ways:


Not only will exercise improve your mood by the release of endorphins, it will improve your strength, appearance, and general health. (Endorphins are brain chemicals that are released when you do vigorous exercise. They give you a feeling of well-being or euphoria.)

Get Organized

Getting organized can improve not only your daily efficiency, but it can also improve the pride that you have for your home or office and for yourself. Consider all the areas in your home or office that need to get organized and just dive in.

Once you’re done you’ll have a sense of pride in your accomplishment, you’ll enjoy the organization, and you’ll pick yourself up in the process.

Get Some Inspirational Music

Search online or go to your local store and find music that really inspires you. Be sure to select songs that move your spirits upward and not downward.

Once you have a collection of inspirational music, use it at strategic times such as while you’re exercising, getting organized, doing your work, and most importantly when you need to pick yourself up and get into an inspired state.

Get Some Inspirational Books

Go online , to your local bookstore, or public library and get some inspirational books on self improvement or personal development.

Do Something for Someone Else

Doing something for someone else helps you forget about your own problems and it provides an internal fulfillment that cannot be derived from any other activity that I’ve found.

Doing something for someone else provides a mysterious gift that strengthens your ability to face the problems that you have in your own life. Take a child fishing for an example.

Create a Vision for the Future

To create a vision for the future is to create hope, drive, and inspiration. Things may look bleak right now, but just imagine how much more you are going to appreciate the good times when they arrive.

Write out how you want your life to be in every area. Then list the steps needed to get there for each one. Add dates when you expect to have each step and goal completed. Finally, hold the vision of what you want to accomplish and how you’ll FEEL when you achieve it firmly in your mind. Do this and you’ll be able to pick yourself up every time.

Keep Your Thoughts in the Present & On What You Want

All your power to perform is in the present moment. If you’re thinking about unpleasant events in your past or imagining unhappy circumstances in the future you ruin your ability to perform in the present. Negative thoughts weaken, depress, and reduce your ability to perform at your best.

Keep your thoughts in the present moment and on the outcomes that you want and you’ll have all the joy and energy you need. Once you train yourself to do this, you’ll begin to see miracles happen.


Once you get into the habit of using these techniques, you’ll be able to pick yourself up quickly during hard times.

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