Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Cure Cabin Fever For Fishing - 6 Ways To Help Relieve The Anxiety

Shewww…Winter is half way over in Northern America and a lot of anglers are already sick of it. They have packed all the flies, put up the rods, reels and waders. They have packed away the lures and winterized their boats.

Yes, the winter season is upon us and we have to hibernate in our warm cabins or house. All we can do is think about is getting our boats back in the water or putting on our waders and walking through the streams in search to catch the “big one” this coming spring. Ahhhh….and what a nice thought it is….getting back out to fish.

In the mean time, to fight the feeling of cabin fever, we can do the following things:

Get Your Fishing Equipment and Tackle Ready For Next Year

Reel Cleaning and Service: This is catch up time for you to strip all your reels to clean and inspect them.

Waders, Boots and Back Pack Cleaning and Service: Take care of that leak on your waders you forgot about last year. Inspect your boot laces to make sure they do not have to be replaced. Once the repairs and/or inspection is complete, purchase a large plastic tote to store them in. Take everything out of your back pack and discard any items not needed – lets face it, a back pack can easily fill up with unnecessary items similar to a woman’s purse.

Rod Storage: Sit them in your closet or if you have a rod rack, place them in it.

Tackle Inspection and Repair: Now is the time to get all of your tackle out and give it a good look over. Spread them out on the floor and try and see what you have and what you do not need anymore.

Attend A Few Fishing Trade Shows: Now is the season for most fishing trade shows. They typically run January through March. You may want to search the internet for trade shows near by and make a plan to go with a few fishing friends. It is always fun to see what products are new for the next year and what great fishing trips you can reserve with the many charters and guides that attend.

Start A New Hobby: One thing that helps me cure “cabin fever” for fishing is to create “fishing related” artwork for others. I create canvas artwork by using discarded “tissue paper” left over from Christmas and Birthday gifts. This particular project is properly titled “Rainbow Trout”.

I start out with a blank canvas and add multiple layers of tissue paper and glue with a paint brush. This layering process can be time consuming depending on the size of the canvas but fun.  Items needed are: blank canvas, tissue paper, modge podge glossy glue, a paint brush.

Remember, Tight Lines and Fun Times are just around the corner, so be prepared!

She’s So Fly

What other ideas do you have to help other anglers over come “fishing cabin fever”?  I encourage you to comment and share with others.


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