Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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"She's So Fly"
Contact Information

I am excited to announce that a brand new website is currently being created for at .  24/7 Designs specialize in working with small businessess to help gain a larger market share for less money! - Be sure to check out their "Get More, For Less" Program"

She's So Fly website - I hope to launch the new and improved "She's So Fly" website by April 2011 or sooner.

In the mean time, I encourage everyone to contact me directly by email at and share your fishing and outdoor experiences or opportunities.

Please enter “She's So Fly” in the subject matter of your email you are sending to ensure a prompt response and you won’t become email “spam”.

The new "She's So Fly" website will have a “contact me” page for you to fill out to inquire and will be very user friendly.

...Tight lines and fun times! – She’s So Fly



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