Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Causes Albinism In Animals or Fish? Or A Calico Which Is More Rare Yet

Animal Albinism

You may have wondered about what causes albinism in animals. As in case of humans, animal albinism is also a genetic disorder that causes the partial or complete absence of the pigment melanin. Various gene mutations are responsible for the different types of albinism. While, some are true albinos (amelanistic albino) with no trace of melanin on their body, some others have various degrees of albinism, as patches of pigmentation (piebaldism) are seen. Albinism is seen in almost all animal species that have melanin in their bodies.

As mentioned above, those albinos without a single trace of melanin their body is called a true albino. There are many other conditions, that are confused with albinism in animals. Some animals are pure white in color, but are not albinos. You can identify a true albino animal with its eye color. A true albino lack melanin totally and will have no markings on their body and their eyes will be pink or red

You might have seen or heard about albino squirrels, peacocks, snakes, etc. Even albino dolphins, sharks and turtles are there. Here are a few photos of albino animals:

Here is a buck that a hunter got in Wisconsin. He sent these pictures to a bunch of people to see what he could get and the owner of Cabela's paid him $13,000 for the head and hide. A calico buck, like the one below, is rarer then an albino.   


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