Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BubbleTree Tents – Transparently Provide An All-Access Pass to the Outdoors

(Ahhhh....being one with Mother Nature)

BubbleTrees are anything but average tents. These prefabricated, globe-shaped tents are transparent so you can’t get much closer to nature unless you sleep outside. The tents, which are currently only available in Europe, come decked out with portable sofas, beds, and more. Some models even have wood floors. Others are designed specifically for the beach or to use as tree houses.

How do they work? Just pump up a tent with the provided electric air blower. The blower, which has an air filter, circulates fresh air and provides the air pressure needed to maintain the bubble shape.

French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas turned the world of camping upside down when he created the BubbleTree. The first of its kind see-through tent allows campers all the creature comforts of a bed and security, while still providing an all-access pass to an evening under the stars and the sunrise. They come in a few different models that range from elegant simplicity to exquisite sophistication.

The Bubbletree line comes in several different models for you to choose from. The Crystal Bubble is one of the basic designs, and has completely clear walls for uninhibited 360 degree views. The “Bubble Room” is one of the half-opaque designs and comes complete with portable wardrobes, sofas, roll-out beds and even optional electricity for lighting. And if you really want to get fancy, check out the Bubble Lodge. Possessing almost all of the amenities that you would find at a nice hotel, this model features opaque sides, an attachable bathroom and secondary bedroom spaces.


Anonymous said...

These are really cool, but the electric blower required to run may be an issues in the deep country with no power available!

And one that wants to be next to nature, may not want a noisey generator running nearby.

Keep up the great posts!

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