Monday, March 21, 2011

Effective Tip For Catching Winter Steelhead In Muddy Waters After A Heavy Rain

(River Fishing Guide, Gary Bol, and She's So Fly)

When planning a fishing trip, most anglers have to plan their trip in advance due to work schedules, family responsibilities etc. By planning ahead, we all know that we cannot control what weather Mother Nature may bring us. I recently planned a winter steelhead fishing trip on the Muskegon River in Michigan with fishing guide, Gary Bol, from Iceberg's River Guide Service. The day before my trip, it had rained really hard and the river had risen and became muddy, which makes fishing much more difficult.

(muddy river water after a heavy rain)

Fishing for Winter Steelhead can be just as challenging as it is rewarding during the winter months in Michigan. It can be especially challenging when the rivers rise and get muddy after a heavy rain fall and the water current stirs up all the weeds and debris from its bottom. It can also get real irritating for an angler to have to remove weeds from their lures after every other cast in efforts to land that big fish they ventured out into the water for in the first place.

(rubber band tied to fishing line)

One tip I learned from Gary to help reduce the amount of times I would have to remove weeds and debris from lure was to tie a piece of a 1/16" to 1/8" thick rubber band around my fishing line approximately 2 feet from my lure. After tying the rubberband, cut the loose ends so that they extend out  about 1/2" out past the line (as shown in photo).  By doing this, most of the weeds would collect around the rubber band before reaching my lure - leaving my lure weed free for a much longer period of time and increasing my chances of catching a fish.

I discovered this simple tip really works great!...and I caught fish.  I encourage you to try this cheap and simple trick and comment below how it works for you when fishing.

Gary Bol has been a fishing guide on the Muskegon River in Michigan for over 25 years.  His experience and knowledge makes your fishing trip much more pleasant, and his no nonsense approach provides you with more value on your dollar.   To reserve a guided fishing trip with Gary at Iceberg's River Guide Service, call 231.834.9155.

...stay tuned for the entire article of my fishing trip with Gary Bol comming next....

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