Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unexpected Large Crappies Caught In Commonly Fished Waters

(Pam holding a Large Crappie from Missouri)

Pam Bollinger and Darryl Rowls weren’t expecting great things when they decided to fish in the cold and snow last weekend at the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area near Lee’s Summit in Missouri.

But that’s what they got. Experimenting with jigs they had tied, they had a day to remember.

Bollinger, who lives in the Lee’s Summit area, caught a crappie that measured more than 16 inches and weighed 3 pounds. And Rowls, who is from North Kansas City, landed one that was just over 2 pounds. They had several other crappies measuring more than 12 inches, completing an outstanding day.

(Darryl holding another large crappie from same waters)

“The last time I had fished there (at the Reed Area) was as a little girl with my dad, who has since passed away,” Bollinger said. “I’m shocked that conservation lakes that are fished quite a bit could produce such a large crappie.”



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