Saturday, April 23, 2011

Large Muskie Caught Unexpectedly!

Mike Mordas with 33" Muskie caught on a whim

Water Tested, Musky Approved!...Is the motto over at Muskie Train Enterprises.

Last week, Muskie Train Enterprises founder and my good friend, Mike Mordas, (on his birthday no less) ventured out to a local lake dock to test a few custom painted muskie lures for a client, which he often does, and got a big surprise on this day. While casting out each lure, one at a time, Mike felt a tug on one of lures...and to his surprise it was a 33" long Muskie! Mike then had to contact his client of this custom lure and explain what had happened. He called the client and said "I have good news and bad news...the good news is your lure is ready for shipping and the bad news is that your lure has a few scratches on it from landing a 33" muskie while testing it's performance before you still want it?"...and the client replied, heck yes! has definitely been proven for performance - your motto is holds true....water tested and muskie approved!

Mike testing lures before shipping

After every lure is put together, it is water tested to make sure it runs correctly out of the box. We understand the frustration of buying a lure and having to spend fishing time trying to get the lure to run instead of fishing. To ensure that our products are ready to fish right out of the package, they all get tested, one of several ways. If the weather is good, we test them behind the boat at 4 mph. But living in Ohio that isn't always possible. We often cast them into a pond, river or off a local lake dock to tune them.

Over 25 years of fishing and woodworking experience led to the founding of Muskie Train Enterprises. You can be assured that each lure is built with the finest materials and the best craftsmanship anywhere in the world. When you purchase a Muskie Train you are not just buying a lure - you are buying a memory of a lifetime! Good Fishing.

Contact Information:
Phone: (330) 297-1158
Address: 7777 Infirmary Rd., Ravenna, OH 44266

Mike's Biography -

I am Mike Mordas. I started Muskie Train about eight years ago as a hobby and it turned into a great little business. Their are two people that build lures and manage the business; that is myself and my right hand man Trent Tesmer.

Here is the story in short. I have been an avid fisherman and woodworker for a long time. At sometime it dawned on me to combine my two passions.

I started playing around making lures. After a couple of tries I came up with the Mordas Minnow, a 6 inch jointed bait. Pictured below are the Mordas Minnow, Big Ed and the Super M. but these were all early baits

I made some Mordas Minnows for myself and they caught fish. I made some for my friends and they caught fish. So, I decided to try to make some lures to sell. I bought enough material to make 100 baits. I told myself that if I could sell a hundred baits I would make another batch. Well, that first year year I made 740 baits. Boy was i excited and Muskie Train has grown every year since then.

As Muskie Train was growing, my full time job was teaching woodworking at Hudson High School in Hudson, Ohio. One year, I had a class with a kid in by the name of Trent Tesmer. Trent and I hit it off because we both loved to fish.I have to tell you, that everyday I tried to teach to an objective and everyday Trent tried to get me off of the objective by talking fishing. Trent finished up his high school career and moved onto college. At the same time Muskie Train was growing and I needed some help. I ran into Trent at a fishing show, imagine that and asked him to come to work. The rest is history. Since Trent as joined the team, we have been steadily growing every year.

Muskie Train is my full time career. Events occur throughout your life that change the direction of the path you take. I am firm believer that things happen for a reason and that God will point in the direction that he wants you to go. You may not understand that direction at first but God has a bigger plan for you. Follow those directions and you will get to where you want to go. So come on board the Muskie Train and lets make some memories together. Forget about the pressures of life and enjoy the great outdoors. Hopefully, a Muskie Train lure will help you to create a memory of a lifetime!

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