Friday, April 1, 2011

New She's So Fly Website Launched! Fly Fishing, Fishing and Paddle Sports Events Directory - Fly Fishing, Fishing and Paddles Sports Event Directory for Women
Please check out my new website for fly fishing, fishing and paddle sports events directory for women just launched!

Why this new site?..."I just got frustrated never having a direct "go-to" source for women trying to find out where an event, clinic, fundraiser etc for fishing was....I have to view many different sites...and why? I thought I would help the event promoters and the event seekers out by offering this free service and end the frustration (in time - once the database has more content with increased event promoter participation - your participation is crutial)."

Some shessofly new features:

1. Event News Coverage (before and after) - membership accounts available for reporters/writers to post articles w/in the specified fly fishing, fishing and paddle sports news sections (to gain exposure of their services and the sports)

2. free membership to businesses and persons to enter "Events" and additional exposure for the event promoters!

3. Helpful resourses for charters/lodging/guides/forums/blogs/on-line magazines/product information etc for women.

4. "Discount codes" and "great promotion leads" for certain product or serive purchases from companies who sponsor shessofly.

5. Random contests for product and services - active members will get a chance to win when participating!

and more!....

Let me know what you think of it, changes, recommendations, likes, dis-likes...your opinion matters!


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