Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fashion Show For The Outdoors Woman - Featuring A Camouflage Wedding Dress

(Winter white camouflage wedding dress - courtesy of Miller Bridal)

(Troufest fashion show participants)

Dawn from Elizabeth Halsey Boutique, located in Newaygo Mi, did an amazing job organizing and heading a fashion show during the Newaygo Troutfest to benefit the NCCS Camp Newaygo for girls.  Many area businesses participated and showcased their outdoor based fashions for everyone to see.  I had so much fun modeling a winter white camouflage wedding dress from Miller Bridal.  I had no idea how beautiful camouflage could look printed on satin and sewn into a formal gown.  Camo seems to be the latest craze for many outdoors women.  Weddings don't have to be traditional anymore...more and more women are personalizing their special day and making a statement of who they are...and this is a good thing!   I am truely amazed at how many outdoors women I meet through She's So Fly appearances.  There are so many women who would love to meet other women who participate and enjoy outdoor sports and it is more easy than they think if they just get out and support their local events and mingle - such as Mrs. Michigan 2011, who participated in the fashion show as well - she is an avid hunter and fisher gal too! 

(She's So Fly modeling camouflage wedding dress)

(She's So Fly and Mrs. Michigan 2011)

(She's So Fly and Outdoors Gal brides maides)

(She's So Fly and personal assistant Paige)

(She's So Fly)

Ladies there are so many outdoor activities that you can participate just have to get yourself out there and make yourself available.  There are also many great outdoors events for the beginner to learn act and do - visit and search for your areas events and sign up for them today!  If you don't see one, email me and I will try to find one for you.

Thank you Dawn for all your hard work in making the Troutfest fashion show fun and a great success!

A She's So Fly preferred product "Go-Girl":


WildFisherWoman said...

That dress is great!!! Im getting married in the next year or so and people are like "are you going to wear camo!!!!" LOL! Would be awesome. Great site. Just found it. I will be checking it out! Alot!

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