Monday, May 16, 2011

Hendrickson Hatch and Dry Fly Fishing has started on the Au Sable River for Trout

(obsessing over brown trout...)

by She's So Fly

Michigan's Ausable River is a large river with awesome character and impressive hatches. This river is one of the finest trout fisheries in the nation. It also becomes a tremendous steelhead fishery throughout its last few miles below Foote Dam. The Au Sable's productive water is made up of the North, South, and main branches. It is a large and in some areas powerful river. Prolific hatches, quality trout, and heavy runs of steelhead make this river a famous place.

I am going fishing with River Scout Guide Service  on the Au Sable river today in search for trout with the flies that Al Ritt custom tied for me specifically for this scheduled trip. I was so excited last night that I could hardly sleep...I explained to a friend that a day of dry fly fishing for trout is like other women getting excited about spending a day at the spa!

(Hendrickson flies tied by Al Ritt)

Today is a She's So Fly "Spa Day" wish me luck!

(fly hatch chart for the Au Sable River)


EARLY SEASON: (starts at ice out)

The early season can change from day to day...chilly and overcast to sunny and warm. The fish begin to feed heavily when the water temp reaches 55F. Hendricksons fire up the big fish and super trout hunt crayfish and forage fish with serious intent. We suggest a 4 or 5 wt rod for dry fly work and a 6 or 7 with sinking line for streamers. Early season hatches include Hendricksons, Mahoganies, March Browns, Sulphurs, Caddis, and Stone Flies.


The middle season begins on June 1. Sulphurs are still hatching, but brown drakes, Isonychia, and Hexagenia Limbata ("hex") take center stage. Streamer fishing is best at dawn or dusk. The large dorsata stonefly (size 4) hatches at this time and deer hair mice start producing heavy fish at night or on cloudy days. Caddis, assorted stone flies, and Light Cahills are on the water. Local ponds and lakes offer some great bass and bluegill fishing during the summer.


The late season begins with the White Fly (Ephoron leukon and album) around August 14. Streamer fishing picks up again in mid September with aggressive browns in full spawning colors whacking large sculpin and crayfish patterns.

Spotlight Information on Al Ritt:
Al is a long time fly tyer and fisher with fly patterns available through Montana Fly Company. Al's flies have been included in several popular books and he has also had several of his own articles published in major periodicals. Al and Diana are both demonstration tyers in the Rocky Mountain area, annually appearing in venues such as the Fly Fishing Show, ISE, Western Colorado Fly Fishing Exposition, East Idaho Fly Tying Expo and at many fly shops, TU, FFF, and other events.

A She's So Fly preferred product "Go-Girl":


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