Friday, May 20, 2011

Use A Fishing Pole Holder To For All Your Pole Assistance Needs

By Miles Billings

There is just something about the relationship of man and the fish of the sea, the rivers and streams, or the land-locked lakes and reservoirs. Fish have always been a mainstay of our diet as they deliver essential nutrients and vitamins, healthy oils and good protein. Besides the benefits that they contribute to our health, some people even love to catch them, whether for sport or for profit. Ultimately they need to use their tool of choice, the fishing pole. For those that respect the process of fishing, respect their poles, and sometimes they need a fishing pole holder.

To the non-fisherman, you might wonder "what the heck is a fishing rod holder?" Is that like a fisherman apprentice who doesn't really get to fish, just hold the pole? Well, no, not exactly.

Believe it or not, there are many varieties of the pole holders. There are three different categories that include active, mobile storage, or home storable holders.

The active holder serves to hold the pole while you are actually fishing. These are basically designed as a spike that can be inserted into the ground approximate 12-18 inches. At the top is an angled slot that are angled approximately 45 -60 degrees from the water level, although this can be varied by how it was positioned into the ground. After you cast your line, and have tightened up the slack in the line, you just place the pole in the holder and wait for the fish to bite.

Variations of this type are the ones that are fixed in a stationary position. You might find these attached to a fishing pier, or on the sides of a fishing boat. You can also get one for a wheelchair-bound fisherman that specially attaches to the wheelchair.

Mobile storage pole holders are used to transport the poles from one place to another, so that the poles do not become damaged or tangled. There are adjustable units that you can get that can go into the back of a pick up truck or in a boat.

Home storable holders are stationary units that are permanently installed in your residence or cabin. These can be commercially bought and installed, but hardcore fisherman may have them custom built to reflect their fishing enthusiasm.

As you have learned, a fishing pole holder is not just some invisible being that takes the pole, the holder actually takes a very important role, depending upon the particular situation. Perhaps your future fishing experience may one day dictate your need of a fishing pole holder.

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Patrick Kelly said...

I have been looking all over the Internet for a fly rod holder like the one picture. What kind is that and were can I find one. Thanks

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