Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carp Fishing Tackle Evaluation: The Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel

By Joe Fins

Being an ardent carp fisherman, I definite take pleasure in every method of angling. If the truth be told, selecting a plan for catching one of these clever, defiant fish is a feat I love to accomplish. To me, it is really exhilarating to pick through my carp fishing tackle as I'm preparing to starting out to my preferred fishing venue. But, I must confess that I have accumulated a huge collection of tackle throughout the years; therefore, I am readily prepared to take care of almost every angling situation or setting. Because spodding is one of my very favourites, I have particular equipment ready for this form of fishing. Continue to read and find out more on the reliable Daiwa Emblem spod reel.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel

For those unfamiliar with spodding, it's a fishing technique that involves using a spod, also called a bait rocket, to cast bait out to a farther distance. It's a great way to get bait into deeper water where the fish are more likely to be lurking. I've found using a spod to be superior to other methods like throwing sticks or catapult. To ensure accuracy, it's important use carp fishing tackle that's designed for spodding. The Daiwa Emblem is eminently suited for this task. In my opinion, it's the best spod reel on the market. Why? Well, for one reason, it retrieves over 100cm of line for every turn of the handle. I also appreciate the oversize ABS spool that allows line to feed out with exceptional smoothness whilst the line clip cushions even my most powerful casts.

Carp Fishing Tackle: More About the Emblem Spod Reel

The Daiwa CastLock attribute ensures that the bail holds its position whenever I'm casting.

Next, there is Super Auto Cast II, which is a gadget which makes use of the pressure of a loaded spod on the line. The only thing necessary is to start a button on the bottom side of the reel that permits the rotor to turn and quit at the right place for bail opening and line pickup. In addition, the reel has four superior-quality ball bearings, and one of them is a CRBB, or corrosion-resistant ball bearing. The Emblem spod reel uses worm shaft oscillation for extreme durability and efficient execution. Incredible!

Carp Fishing Tackle: Concluding Remarks about the Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel

The gear ratio of the Emblem reel is 5.1:1; with every spin of the handle, it can retrieve 122cm of line. It has a weight of 25oz, plus it can support 280m of 15lb test line. If you want to purchase this reel it will probably cost you £160.00. You can purchase an extra spool for nearly £35.00. I love that the Emblem features a high-diameter ABS aluminium spool and twin line clips. It is equipped with a Daiwa favourite - the Twist Buster.

Daiwa doesn't leave out a thing, the handle even folds efficiently to be put away in my carp fishing tackle kit. Though the carp is a fearsome opponent, The Emblem spod reel, by Daiwa, is most assuredly ready to complete mission.

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