Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grand Haven, Michigan Is More Than Just Beautiful Beaches – It also has the best Carp Fishing available any where in the United States

Carp Fising is no longer Grand Haven's best kept secret among anglers!

(Carp fishing guide, Mike Marsh - Phone: 231.920.7527)

Grand Haven, Michigan Is More Than Just Beautiful Beaches – They also have the best Carp Fishing available anywhere in the country! Carp in Grand Haven? betcha!...and boy are they plentiful and fun to catch.

What a lot of people in the country do not know is here in Grand Haven Michigan we have the best Carp fishing available anywhere in the country.

Nothing compares to the Grand River when it comes to Carp fishing. The Grand River is located in Grand Haven, Michigan. This river has more food sources for Carp when compared to all other tributaries any place in the state of Michigan and the United States.

Carp fishing guides refer to carp with in the Grand River as “free range carp”. The Grand River flow pattern reaches Lake Michigan.

Carp constantly travel in and out of Lake Michigan to bed and find their new home in the bayou’s of the Grand River. There are hundreds of bayous filled with the perfect vegetation that Carp love.

Carp in the Grand River can grow to upwards of 80 to 125 pounds without any exaggeration. The average Carp in the Grand River basin is 25 to 30 pounds, and that is impressive fly fishing action.

If you are a Carp enthusiast or even if you are an avid fly fisher person and want to try a different fly fishing avenue or a regular angler looking for that ultimate challenge for your equipment, then Mike Marsh is the fishing guide you need to contact.

Mike has been Carp fishing for 3 decades and has now started the Grand River Carp fishing service that will change the way you think about giant Carp. Fly fishing Carp, or slip bobber target fishing Carp all add up to the same result. Mike will put you on the biggest Carp you ever seen. Carp fishing starts at the end of May and continues through August and offers the angler premier battles and permanent life long memories.

Mike Marsh, Marsh Ridge River Guide Service Michigan Carp Fishing.
231-920-7527 for the fishing trip of a lifetime! Website:

2012 Rates:

Price for 6 to 8 hr 1 Client Guided Carp Fishing Trip: $275.00
Price for 6 to 8hr 2 Client Guided Carp Fishing Trip: $325.00

More information about Carp Fishing:
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