Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why Fishing Reports Provide Value To Anglers

Importance of Fishing Reports
by Jennifer Anderson

Fishing has evolved from being a source of livelihood to a means of recreation and it has grown to become one of the most loved outdoor sports across the globe. Fishing had been known to man since the beginning of the Paleolithic period that was about 40,000 years ago when fish hooks were carved out of bones.  Now we have fishing tourneys with the most advanced and latest fishing tackles!

There is a saying that goes ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.  Some of us have taken this way too seriously, in a good way though!   From a simple methods of fishing has evolved these fancy fishing gears- there are quite a few types of fishing reels and lines, fishing rods, not to mention the several types of fishing lures made from soft plastic to wood, metal and hard plastic and so on.  You Google a place’s best fishing spot and there you have it, right in front of you!  All you need now is to arrange your fishing tackles accordingly and head out. But how do you know what to pack and for what type of fish?

This is why we have fishing reports.  In a fishing report of a particular spot, one would find all the relevant information like what type of fish can be found in the lake/river/stream, what time of the day is the most productive; that is your cue to go fishing, how high or low the tides are – so you know where exactly to drop a line so as to catch a fish. Most fishing reports tell you what kinds of lures and baits would be the best to use in a particular place, how to use them and so on and so forth.  An angler goes to fish a certain spot and then he writes own a fishing report so as to give a detailed account of how his fishing has been; it is a record that also serves as a very helpful guide for the other anglers who would also like to try his luck in the same lake/ stream/ river/pond.

The main idea behind providing fishing reports is to provide information as well as promote recreational fishing.  This is good for the states respective Game and Fisheries Department as they get to earn more revenues with the help of the numerous sponsors that fund the fishing tournaments and competitions.  Fishing reports also tell you about the weather forecasts so that one can plan his fishing trip accordingly.  What fish is most active in what time of the day, and what would be the best lures to use, for what pound test line and what action rod can be used for the best results.

The first timers are the most benefitted from the fishing reports.  They now know what all they need to go fishing to a most sought after fishing spot.  All they have to do is pack their tackles accordingly, pack all the necessary items they need on a fishing trip, their license or permit and loads of patience.

Note from She's So Fly:  On-line Fishing reports  have proven over and over again to save time and money for any angler, any where in the world who havs access to the internet, whether a beginner, novice or professional angler.  They are a great resource tool that is available for free to anyone who seeks them.

A valuable resource for fly fishing reports in the Unites States is


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Fishing plays a big role as a job, hobby, sport and so forth.

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