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Best Hats For Women Who Love The Outdoors

There are so many hats to choose from and so many hats for women and many shapes, colors and features to hats depending on the weather elements.  Some are great for rain and others are great for shielding the sun and wind.  Of course, there are the traditional outdoor element hats, but why be like everyone else?  Why not choose a type that fits your personality and yet be functional and trendy at the same time? 

Here are a few hat suggestions below for women who enjoy the outdoors while fishing, golfing, kayaking, boating, hiking, walking, etc:

Grundens Sandhamn 21 Souwester Hat Rain Gear

-Extra wide brim
-Neck protection and ear flaps
-Welded water ditch on the front brim leads water away
-Adjustable chin strap
-Polyester flannel lined

This Seaforth "Brimmer" Bucket style RAIN HAT with convertible brim and extended back brim will insure you remain dry from the top down.  The extended back brim is designed to allow rain to roll off down your back and not down your neck when you're executing an important shot.  The front brim can be worn down for maximum protection or rolled up to channel water away from your face.  Some anglers with glasses even wear the hat backwards to keep their glasses from requiring windshield wipers!  This hat is totally waterproof and is lightweight and flexible.  This hat will roll up and is easily stashed in your backpack or carry bag so it’s there when you need it.  The adjustable drawstring allows one size fits all convenience. 

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Snap your next magazine cover photo while wearing this Badwater!

It's entirely possible that, while wearing The North Face Badwater Mullet Hat, you may be mistaken for a member of the French Foreign Legion. One thing you will not be mistaken for, however, is a greenhorn tourist who isn't prepared for the sun. This polyester, vented hat features a terry sweatband to keep the salt out of your eyes while you snap wildlife photos, and a removable sun flap gives you total shade control when the sun's beating down.

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Check out this highly functional sun-blocking extraordinaire.

The Kavu Chillba Hat sure looks funny but you won’t be laughing when you’re using it to bail water out of your boat. DWR coated nylon repels water and the closed-cell foam makes it float so you can chase it down the river if you drop it in.

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Escape from the sun even if there's no shade in sight with this Outdoor Research Oasis Sombrero Hat

Like a shaded pond in the desert or an umbrella at the beach, the Outdoor Research Women's Oasis Sombrero lends respite from the sun and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. And while no one knows for sure how much protection you receive while resting under a palm tree, the Oasis Sombrero has been scientifically engineered to provide UPF-50-rated protection from that giant ball of burning hydrogen in the sky.

•Wide-brim protection casts a larger shadow
•Foam-stiffened brim floats in water
•Drawcord adjustment lets you dial in the fit
•Removable chin cord does exactly what you'd expect it would

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....And let's not forget to outfit your loyal friends too! :-)

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