Monday, April 28, 2014 domain name was purchased - NOT GOOD!

Dear She's So Fly Outdoor News readers - I was just notified that there has been a horrible mis-hap with our domain name and the following agency has purchased it - there was a problem with our email account and we did not realize that it was going to expire. we are hoping the agency that purchased it below will graciously sell it back for the same price they purchase it (see below)

Name: Nanci Nette
Organization: Name Management Group
Street: 1619 N. La Brea Ave
Street: #221
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: California
Postal Code: 90028
Country: United States
Phone: +1.2024092385
Phone Ext:
Fax Ext:

We appreciate your patience while we are trying to get it back.  It is our hope that this agency has ingetrity as far as honoring our non-profit charity involvements with hundreds of events aiding women and children, prevention of  breast cancer, wounded veterans of foreign wars etc.  Stay tuned for more updates on our progress.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to survive a bad fishing day

How to survive a bad fishing day

The peaceful environment, the cold beer in the wild and the thrill of pulling out a real fish from the water make fishing a great hobby. But, as the saying goes, nothing is perfect in this imperfect world and so there goes a bad fishing day. However, there are many ways an angler can do to kick off boredom during a bad fishing day and survive it without having to call it off.

Play fishing game

Take out your iPhone or blackberry pr Android mobile and play a fishing game. There are many games to choose from depending on your capacity. You can play the simplest apps or the most advance and the idea is always the same; you play the role of a fisherman and catch as many fish as you can. The challenges in a fishing g game is enough to kick out the boredom  in a bad fishing day and in the same time allow you to polish your offline fishing with a tip or two from the game itself. You can find your best mobile fishing games here.

Read and get updates on fishing news

Anglers would always be interested to know where to fish, to get the latest news about fishing as well as to read fishing tacklers reviews. You can subscribe to a fishing online magazine and join its anglers' community and enjoy sharing your fishing experience with other fellow anglers. You'll get tips from anglers themselves and as well as read articles written by fishermen for fishermen. Don't waste your energy and time, make use of any bad fishing day to learn more about fishing to enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

Play mobile bingo

Even during a bad fishing day, anglers must always stay alert and if there's one activity that could keep you alert, it is no other than bingo. There are mobile bingo that will keep you a company while keeping you at high alert. You can play the free bingo just for fun or play for real money. Both ways will surely kick the boredom out and after winning a game or two, your luck might stretch to your fishing and eventually end your bad fishing day. For more information about mobile bingo visit this site and start your bingo adventures at the right timing. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

White Water Rafting – A Great Summer Vacation

By American Adventure Expeditions

Remember summer as a kid, not a care in the world, running around and spending all of the daylight hours outside enjoying all of the nature around you? As you get older, everyone has their list of things they wish to accomplish before they reach a certain age. Whitewater rafting is one of those things that should be on your list as it is a great summer vacation. What makes it so great?
You will feel like a kid all over again when you whitewater raft. The wind in your face, water splashing all over, and you paddling for your life, can make you feel like you did when you were a kid, peddling your bike with the wind blowing in your hair. It’s a great experience, one that is hard to compare to any other as you grow older and hold on to your memories that you are so fond of.           

Another great reason is that you will be spending time in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Rivers carve through the world, causing gorges and other beautiful landscapes that you will not see anywhere else. The most popular rafting areas are the ones with the most spectacular views, some that you will only see once in your life and the ones that will never leave your mind.
It’s a great workout. Even if you are not in any shape, you can still whitewater rafting. The next day your body will feel sore because you will be paddling through the river at high speeds, giving your upper body a good workout. This is great for your body as it is important to spend time outside and give your body a workout.

You can spend time with those that are close to you. Whitewater rafting gives you the chance to have a large group of people, whether they are your family, friends, colleagues, or anybody else. You will share memories, bond, and get to know each other even better when you are rafting down a river. It’s a great experience for people of all ages, even if they are scared of water.

Whitewater rafting is a great summer vacation with the many joys it brings to everybody. It’s a way to build memories, share experiences, feel like a kid again and spend time outdoors. You can check whitewater rafting off of your list of things to do after you have experienced it this summer.

About the Author

Colorado Springs White Water Rafting Company, American Adventure Expeditions is pleased to bring you this article on why white water rafting is a great summer vacation. If you are interested in rafting in Colorado, be sure to check out their website today.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anglers Are Warned That Dangerous Hogweed Could Cause Blindness

If you haven’t seen this video reported from Detroit Michigan already, please click on link below and then share with family members. They have it on Mackinaw Island with warning signs “DO Not Touch” …it looks like giant Queen Anne’s Lace.

Michiganders warned of dangerous hogweed

Michigan gardeners shouldn't panic over Giant Hogweed

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Troutfest Video

The 2013 Newaygo Troutfest Raised 7k For Non-Profit - This small community raised over 7k for non-profit organizations. Be sure to learn how they did it with in this video!

A Glory Hole

photo from Amazing Facts & Nature facebook page

This is not a natural phenomenon, but still extraordinary. Glory holes are used for dam's to drain excess water during dry seasons. This is the largest one of them all in the world, it is located in Lake Berryessa, Napa County, California. It is used very rarely, but it is quite the sight to see it being put to use.

Be sure to see and learn more at Amazing Facts & Nature

More related links are:
Glory Hole Recreation Area
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Arial View of Glory Hole in California

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blessing Of The Poles Ceremony Held To Celebrate Opening Trout Season In Michigan

photos courtesy of Sherri Russell Photography

by She's So Fly

I joined some of my fellow anglers at Brook's park yesterday evening to receive little divine help for this years trout fishing season by attending a "Blessing Of The Poles" ceremony.  This ceremony is held each year during the Newaygo Troutfestival. Find out more information at

Fishing activity ratchets up a notch, today, April 24, as trout season opens on Type 1 and Type 2 streams and Type A and Type D inland lakes statewide in Michigan.

Trout fishing on opening day of trout season is one of the most long-standing traditions in Michigan. This is a day when people gather with friends and family to celebrate an outdoor heritage.

In addition, walleye, pike and muskellunge seasons open on inland waters of the Lower Peninsula. And anglers may begin catching - and immediately releasing - bass in all Lower Peninsula waters, too.

Anglers are reminded that they must have an all-species fishing license to possess trout or fish on designated trout waters. Creel and size regulations vary. Please check the 2010 Michigan Fishing Guide for the regulations that apply to particular lakes and streams.

For more information about fishing opportunities in Michigan, visit

Friday, April 12, 2013

Chompy The Shark Shows Up To Take Fish From Kayaking Fisherman

Its a routine kayak fishing adventure for Isaac Brumaghim, until Chompy the shark shows up to steal the kayakers catch....

Watch it happen on the video below!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Huge Shark Caught From A Florida Beach

Huge Mako shark caught from Florida beach
Surf fisherman catches and releases estimated 550-pound shark

April 08, 2013 by David Strege
(be sure to visit Grind TV website to read many more great articles from David Strege!)

Will Smith—the fisherman, not the actor–was fishing for sharks past midnight on a Florida beach a couple weeks ago when his reel started singing as the line started racing out to indicate a huge fish. He strapped on a fishing harness and, with the help of Bill Dunlop, held on for a 45-minute battle that resulted in a prized catch.

Smith beached a behemoth mako shark measuring 10 feet, 8 inches in length with a 60-inch girth. The expert shark anglers measured the massive mako and took the incredible photos you see here before reviving and releasing the shark, so there isn’t an accurate weight.

But according to some weight-estimate formulas, a mako measuring 10 feet to the fork of the tail with a 60-inch girth would weigh 540 pounds.

William Fundora, president of the conservation-minded South Florida Shark Club, which first broke the news of the catch, estimated the shark at 550 pounds.

Catching sharks from the beach at night is a popular fishing activity in Florida, especially with the Internet making it easy to obtain how-to and where-to knowledge about the sport.

Anglers are using their ingenuity, too, utilizing kayaks to paddle out past the surfline to drop their baits, according to Sport Fishing Magazine.

As for the exact location where Smith landed the huge mako, that will remain a secret, what with the month-long Big Hammer Shark Tournament starting Friday.

Not surprisingly, fellow anglers commenting on the catch on the South Florida Shark Club forumwere amazed by the enormity of the shark.

“I knew it was a nice fish when it hit,” Smith wrote on the club’s website. “[After setting the hook] she starts burning line out with about 40 to 45 pounds of drag on her. She makes a nice solid run as I put the heat to her, and finally she slows down and I crank like a madman to keep that line tight. During the entire fight, she made me drag every inch of her back in, bull-dogging me.”

Dunlop, meanwhile, wasn’t just a bystander. He helped hold on to Smith so the shark wouldn’t drag him into the water.

“During the fight, I had to sit on the ground behind Will and hold his harness because this shark was pulling 40 pounds of drag,” Dunlop wrote.

The fish finally tired as it came close to shore. Upon grabbing the leader, Dunlop got tossed around a bit until Smith was able to tail rope the fish and ensure the catch.

“What an awesome sight—that cobalt blue body, huge eyes staring you down, and those teeth,” Dunlop wrote. “It was the most beautiful shark I have ever seen … She swam away fine after only a few minutes of holding her face into the waves.”

Added Smith, “There is nothing better than to watch that behemoth swim off freely.”

Photos courtesy of the South Florida Shark Club. Top two photos are of Will Smith with his mako. The third photo is of Bill Dunlop with the shark. Bottom photo shows Smith and leaderman Bill Dunlop with the shark.

(article source from Facebook post)

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