Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fly Fishing Checklist

Have you ever gone fly fishing and sometime during the day discovered that a needed item was left at home?

I am famous for overlooking some of the most common needed items when packing for fly fishing trips because I have a very busy schedule and always seem to be in a rush.

After experiencing a few fly fishing trips with missing items, I seem to be much better prepared now that I have prepared a checklist of needed items.  I simply check off each item once I verify I have them in my bag before heading off to my destination.

So, consider making a checklist of the fly fishing accessories that you will need for yourself.  If you are a fly-fishing beginner or a seasoned veteran who is short on time, it's a good idea to have a checklist of needed items.

The following is a suggested grouping of items you may need on your checklist to support your next fly fishing adventure.

___ Fly Rods                         
___ Fly Reels                        
___ Fishing Vest
___ Spare Spools               
___ Waders                           
___ Wading Boots   
___ Fanny Pack                    
___ Fishing Vest                   
___ Chest Pack
___ Lucky Hat                     
___ Polarized Sunglasses   
___ Net
___ Digital Camera                   
___ Float Tube                          
___ Fishing License

___ Dry Fly Box                     
___ Nymph Box                    
___ Streamer Box
___ Terrestrial Box               
___ Midge Box                      
___ Tippet    
___ Leader(s)                       
___ Nippers                          
___ Hemostats
___ Dry Fly Floatant            
___ Weights                          
___ Hook Sharpener
___ Strike Indicators           
___ Flashlight                       
___ Thermometer
___ Knot Tool                       
___ Leader Straightener     
___ Scissors
___ Knife                               
___ Measuring Tape                  
___ Camera

___ Fly Rods                        
___ Reels                              
 ___ Spare Spools
___ Waders                           
___ Fleece/Sweat Pants     
___ Wading Boots   
___ Gore-Tex Socks           
___ Wading Belt                  
___ Float Tube
___ Float Tube Pump           
___ Net                                  
___ Float Tube Fins
___ Patch Kits



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