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1) You have one of those large demo flies dangling from your rear view mirror because you think it makes a good conversation piece.

2) Your wedding party had to tie tin cans to your drift boat.

3) You call your fly rod "sweetheart" and your wife "midge".

4) Your local fly shop has your credit card number on file.

5) You keep your wading staff by your favorite chair to change the TV channels with. 

6) You name your black lab "Scott" and your cat "Sage". 

7) Lefty Kreh has a private line just for you.

8) You have your name painted on a parking space at the launch ramp. 

9) You have a photo of your 10 lb. rainbow on your desk at work instead of your family.

10) You consider vienna sausage and crackers a complete meal. 

11) You think MEGABYTES means a great day of fishing. 

12) You send your kid off to the first day of school with his shoes tied in a "blood knot".

13) You think there are four seasons--Fly tying & dreaming, Fly tying and waiting, Fly tying and getting your equipment ready and Finally, Fishing, but first you have to tie some extra flies, just to be safe. 

14) You trade your wife's van for a smaller vehicle so your pontoon boat and drift boat will fit in the garage. 

15) Your kids know it's Saturday, Because both boats and you are gone.

16) You're up at 6 a.m. each Sunday to catch all the fly fishing shows.

17) You fondle your favorite fly rod while watching the fishing shows.

18) You removed the ceiling fan in the TV room because you're afraid you'll break your favorite rod practicing your "roll cast".

19) You think that "somewhere over the rainbow" refers to a "dream" hatch on your favorite trout stream.

20) You don't know split beans from corn, but can readily explain the difference between the three families of Stone flies: Pteronarcyidae, Perlidae and Taeniopterygidae.

21) Your "go to sleep music" is a recording of the sounds of the rustling wings of a mega giant stonefly hatch.

22) You don't need an alarm clock on fishing days, but sleep thru two settings of your alarm on workdays.

23) And finally, your wife believes you went fishing even when you come home "fishless”.

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