Sunday, October 25, 2009

Girls Night Out in Grand Rapids Michign - gives a whole new perspective to the term "Jane Doe"

By Sherri Russell

OMG!...My good friend Rachel Wisner of Wisner Canoes in Newaygo, MI and I came across a parked car with two deer heads attached to the back of the trunk while downtown in Grand Rapids, MI.  We were busting a gut and had to stop and take our picture next to them.  You have got to wonder what were these people thinking?....they are who they are, and they like what they like.

This sighting gave us a whole new perspective to the term of "Jane Doe"...LOL

The opera seemed a little dull after this...

(Sherri Russell of She's So Fly with "Jane Does")

(Rachel Wisner with "Jane Does")

(Rachel Wisner, "Jane Doe" and  Sherri Russell of She's So Fly)

(dam manholes!)


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