Sunday, October 25, 2009

You can catch a whole new hobby fishing, hook, line and sinker!

By Sherri Russell

You can catch a whole new hobby fishing, hook, line and sinker!

Fishing is a wonderful past time! It is very relaxing and it's a break from reality. Fishing is a fun way to kick back and enjoy yourself with friends and family, even for a woman.

Sometimes you can even cast your line, and while waiting for a fish to bite, set your pole down and read a book, magazine or newspaper, soak up the warm sun, goof off, or simply enjoy your surroundings, like I did today while fishing on the Muskegon river. I got to see some beautiful fall colors, geese lounging on a log and heard of white tail deer crossing the river.

There are different kinds of fishing. You can fish for sport if you want to keep it and put it on the wall as a prize or memory. You can catch and release fish. You can catch fish to eat. I personaly prefere to exercise the catch and release method to ensure female fish will have time to spawn and replentish the fish population for the younger anglers to enjoy the sport of fishing in days to come.

There are different styles of fishing, and each style uses different equipment. There is bait casting, spinning, pole and line, spin casting, and fly fishing (which is my preferred method). You need to choose between different types of poles, rods, hooks, and bait. Depending on what type of water you will be in, saltwater, freshwater, or ice you will choose a pole with different types of reels and line spools. Depending on what type of fish you will be catching, you have to choose from a variety of hook sizes. You also can choose between various kinds of sinkers and bobbers, to keep your line steady in the water so the fish aren't startled away. You also have to keep in mind what kind of fish you will be trying to catch. 

I personaly encourage all anglers to exercise the natural method of fly fishing - even though I try to respect the other methods and opinions as well.

Using certain types of bait will attract certain types of fish. You should learn which fish are in the type of water you will be fishing in and what kind of bait they will respond to, which may vary depending on weather conditions etc.

Today, an old family friend and I went out searching for steelhead. The river level was high and the current was strong, but we thought we would try anyways. We fished with plugs, but this method did not seem to attract the fish for us today because of the high water levels and the cloudy water visibility. Sometimes when the water levels are high on a river, it is more difficult to pin point the fish because they do not stay in their usual holes and tend to travel more about the river.

You can’t expect to catch fish every time you go fishing. The weather conditions, water levels, seasons, and bait largely determines your success. You surely won’t catch fish unless you try either - so get out there people. I had a great time today with my friend, even though I did not catch any fish. I was nice just to be outdoors to enjoy the day – even thought it was chilly. We will surely make plans to try catching a great steelhead another time soon when conditions are better.

If you are interested in fishing for yourself (as a woman), there are ways you can have fun and enjoy yourself while you fish while maintaining some of that femininity many women don't want to let go of. Remember to dress properly for the occasion – season depending. Keep that in mind, because when fishing, the last thing you need is to be more worried about dressing stylishly. I guarantee you'll be complaining after less than an hour, wishing you'd dressed differently.  I wore snow pants, a turtle neck shirt, a light jacket, gloves and brought along a heavier coat with a hood incase the wind picked up.  I was very warm and comfortable during my entire fishing trip.


Fishin Fool said...

I just happened upon you're blog and I like it alot. I think you have the same addiction I have. I added you to my blog list over at Rick's Reel Adventures.

Pink Camo Gal said...

Love your blog! I love to fish! I live in Texas, so it is mainly bass! But I have always wanted to fly fish!

Murphyfish said...

Hi Sherri,
Great blog, I do a bit of inshore sea fishing for the table, some course fishing for the relaxtion it affords me,I haven't tried the fly yet(on the 'to do' list)). Look forward to your updates.
Regards, John

Sherri Russell said...

Thanks everyone your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the comments! Fish On!

Anonymous said...

you're an exceptional human being sherri, inspirational in many ways. thank for the friendship you've shown me...why i feel the need to tell you this, i'm not sure. for some reason i have this feeling it's necessary. maybe it's as simple as feeling blessed that i have made such a good friend of such a good person. or maybe it's that a simple thank you for such nice pictures is not enough. i don't know. in any case...thank you for being a special friend.

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