Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Internet acronyms for flyfishers

Internet surfers and teenagers aren't the only people in a hurry. We flyfishers also need to speed up the communication across our fly forums, e-mail, social network sites, and when using our palm devices on the stream (it happens). So here is a list of internet acronyms to speed up (and encrypt) your communications while cruising the social networks at home or on the stream.

WIW "Water In Waders." Use this when you're using your palm device in the middle of the Madison and you don't want to admit to others that you have wading issues.

WBOL "Woolly Bugger On Line." Use this when you don't want to admit to others nearby that you didn't catch those 18-inch greenbacks with a size 16 Flavinia.

FIE "Fly In Ear." Use this when you've been twittering too much using your cell phone while fishing a back eddy and suddenly forgot how to cast.

WNBMTAFBOMOFR "Wife Nearby, Must Talk About Favorite Book Or Movie Or Favorite Recipe." Use this when at home chatting with your 1,000 fishing buddies on Facebook.

LOL "Lots of Luck." Use this when while fishing in a swarm of baetis and all you have is a Woolly Bugger.

BRB "Broke Rod Badly." 'Nuff said.

TPDIS "Threw palm device in stream." Often used right after BRB.

BD "Blackberry died." How this message was sent is not clear.

TTYL "Talking to my leader." Used when you've lost a big fish on a fresh 6x leader.

TTFN "Talking to fish now." Used when you've caught the biggest fish of your life, and you have no one to boast to . . . except the fish.

POS "Parent over shoulder." Use this when you're trying to get your 1,000,000 Facebook friends together on a fishing trip, when you should be doing homework (or mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, cleaning the gutters, taking out the garbage, or a thousand other things to fill in the moments between fishing trips).

IDK "I don't know." Use this when your light olive size 20 baetis doesn't match the thousands of light olive size 20 baetis flying all over your head.

TFK "The fish knows." Use when you've presented the finest CDC fly to the pickiest fish in three states, and you suspect that the fish are smart enough to get online and warn his other fish friends.

WOS "Wife over shoulder." Used when you're planning the next fishing trip with your Facebook friends, and your wife is thinking you're looking for a good deal on theatre tickets. Often followed by WNBMTAFBOMOFR.

LMWAO "Laugh my wet *ss off." Use this when you've tripped in the stream for the third that afternoon, and you didn't even have a beer yet.

RLH "Running like hell." Used when you've fallen in the creek, lost your gear, and a Department of Fish and Wildlife officer happens by. Or you see a cougar. Or extraterrestrials. Sasquatch. Multiple applications.

LFF "Lost fingers fishing." Used by twittering noodlers in Oklahoma.

BROF "Broke rod on fish." Used when your Facebook buddies are trying to prove who caught the bigger fish.

FIW "Fly in waders." Use this when your steelhead fly is flying a little too low on the backcast.

FIT "Fly in tree." Use this when you forget to look behind you when you setup for a cast in a new location.

FIWGG "Fly in wife, Gotta go." Use this when the fishing is slow, and your wife isn't."

FIF "Fly in finger." Use this when you discover that you need more instruction on your roll-casting skills.

FIP Use this when you find yourself fishing in a creek that runs through a nudist camp.

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