Monday, October 5, 2009

New fly-fishing method that uses hookless flies tied on flexible synthetic cores instead of hooks

Log onto their website for a video of how this system actually works  
It will change the way you fish.  Hopefully it will change the way everyone fishes.

The Moffitt Angling System is a fully patented revolutionary new fly-fishing method that uses hookless flies tied on flexible synthetic cores instead of hooks, which can be looped on and off the leader above a uniquely designed barbless circle hook. The Moffitt System offers several advantages over existing fly-fishing methods. The flexible, hookless flies look and feel more realistic than traditional flies so they're more appealing to fish. Multiple flies can be fished with a single hook resulting in fewer tangles. The unique barbless circle hook is specifically designed to cause minimal damage or disfigurement to the fish. And, fish can be quickly and easily released without removing them from the water.


There are three performance advantages offered by the Moffitt Angling System which makes it superior to fishing with conventional flies.

Protection of the Resource

Extensive research proves fishing the Moffitt System results in less damage, disfigurement and death to trout and other species than when fishing traditional flies tied on J-hooks. This has been the driving goal of the Moffitt Angling System from the very beginning.

Extensive testing reveals the Moffitt System increases the rate of jaw hooked fish by 20% compared to traditional tied flies and provides an order of magnitude reduction in the incidence of serious hook related injury. When you consider a trout may be hooked and released five or more times per season on popular waters, this reduction in injury rate is huge. And yes you'll catch at least as many fish -maybe more- and perhaps a few that survived to take your fly again period.

This small wild brown was spared severe hook damage
by pairing a large hookless Moffitt wooly bugger with
a relatively small size 12 circle hook.

Simplicity and Convenience

The Moffitt System is designed to simplify fly fishing, not make it more complex. The flies are easy to attach and remove from your leader with simple loops, and they can be carried on inexpensive threader tools. The single hook reduces snags, tangling and foul hooking of fish, holds securely, and is fast and easy to remove. We got rid of the things that annoyed us- not the sporting challenges that define fly fishing.


Moffitt System flies are much more realistic in appearance, presentation and feel, providing the occasional edge we all need to fool an old wary fish. The Moffitt circle hooks penetrate quickly and hold securely - they literally roll with the fish. And once the fish comes to hand a simple tool can release the fish without needing to raise its head above the water.

Additional Information
(Is this system legal in all states? - a note from Sherri Russell)
The Moffitt System is legal in Indiania and Colorado.  I received an email from Kevin Moffitt on Oct 6th, 2009, and he tells me that the Michigan DNR and fisheries biologists have samples of their flies and hooks and have had discussions with them regarding their system.  They are being told that a decision is going to be made at some point this Fall, but they do not have an exact date. 

So please be patient if you are a Michigan fisherman.

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