Friday, November 13, 2009

Back to the Basics of Fly Fishing

(Sherri Russell, editor of She's So Fly) 

By Sherri Russell

I would like to take a minute and explain the recent changes to my website and blog.  I never imagined that my site would have become so popular in such a short time.  It excites me greatly and I appreciate all of your comments and followings.

Lately, I have been very busy working diligently with new sponsors and future plans for my website in regards to a new clothing line I am creating, gear reviews and recommendations, contests, and personal fly fishing lessons to help me provide better tips and tricks on the topic of fly fishing.

It is very difficult sometimes juggling my time to fit everything in; kids, my regular full time job as a Design Engineer, Writing Articles, Fishing, Household chores, Grocery Shopping, running kids around for school activities, charities, dating, etc....geesh, it amazes me that I am not crazy from all of it! LOL

I am going on a fly fishing trip today to the Manistee River in search for Steelhead with two river guides.  I have never fished this river before and am very anxious to try is famous for Steelhead in Michigan.

I plan on getting back to writing about my experiences very soon.  Please be patient.


Anonymous said...


I do enjoy trout fishing but have never fly fished before. I would like to learn and your blog sure looks like the place to do that.
I do get your posts in a reader so I will definately be back.
I also invite you and your readers to my blog "Whitetail Woods"

Zach J said...

I'm from a small town called Central Lake, but haven't been back in a while. I remember people going up north to fish the Manistee all the time with great success. Isn't that where that recent 40+ WR brown trout was just caught?

Sherri Russell said...

Hey Rick - thanks for the comments about my blog. Fly Fishing is a very technical way to fish and is more challenging than traditional fishing - so if you are up for a challenge, I strongly encourage you to try it. I encourage others to visit Ricks hunting and outdoor blog for helpful hints and great tips.

Sherri Russell said...

Hi Zach - yes - that 40lb+ brown trout was caught in the Manistee river this past September. It was surely an amazing catch! I just fished with a guide yesterday that was in the same area during the time that fish was caught and he told me the real story.

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